Translated From: Regina King mourns the death of her only son on her 26th birthday…

Discovered on: 2022-01-22 17:35:49

Actress Regina King has issued a heartbreaking and pain-filled statement to speak for the first time about the death of Ian Alexander Jr, her only son. The young man took his own life last Wednesday, January 19, when he was only 26 years old, on his birthday, and she wanted to ask for respect: “Our family is deeply devastated by the loss of Ian,” expressed the Oscar winner. “He was a shining light who cared about the happiness of others. We ask for privacy. Thanks”.

Ian had decided to follow in his father’s musical footsteps and in recent years has managed to work as a DJ, but it was really his personality that his mother praised whenever she could. “He’s an amazing young man,” he often said. “You don’t know what unconditional love is until you have a child. When you experience it, it’s the most rewarding thing there is.”

And it is that Regina King raised her son as a single mother after their separation in 1997, just a year after giving birth to little Ian. She had been married for new years, but the actress got fed up and alleged abuse, drug use and her husband’s relationships outside of their relationship as causes of the separation. “Being everything you are and having time to be there and support me unconditionally… You are a true superhero. I love you, mom,” Ian wrote at the time to congratulate his mother.

United forever by a tattoo

Ian and Regina were really close and years ago they decided to honor their unconditional love for each other with a common tattoo that they would proudly wear forever. Precisely they tattooed “unconditional love” in Aramaic, she on her left arm and he on her shoulder. “My son told me: ‘We choose three designs each and we tattoo the one that matches.’ And we both chose ‘unconditional love,'” King confessed.

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