37 thoughts on “Rest In Peace Slim 400.. Tragically killed in Inglewood California..

  1. Skip, u said it. A lot of Fake Crowds! I’m just sick of all this devastating news. Oh how I wish my Brothas would come together in unity, peace, freedom and love. We would be a powerful race indeed. May his Real Family be at peace somehow. May his Real Section Family help them find it. ❤️🙏🏽💪🏾

  2. Man this is crazy. Skip I wanna do a video on Slim 400. Can I use some of this footage if I give you and your channel credit. I got another channel with 9K subs let me know Bruh. Peace

  3. OG I respect you and the work you do . You’re the truth and I watch your videos in hopes the peace you’re trying to bring circles round . I respect you because you’re really out there in the streets not like the podcast wannabes that talk behind a mic and camera screen in a chair . I wish I can send you flowers while you’re still here OG .

    BIP SLIM 400 “tell a bitch Nigga Hol’ Uppppppppp’!! Dat Part!! “

  4. I can’t understand why they kill each other ??? It wasn’t the cops right ? So why each other that’s what I want to know and I bet I won’t get a answer just like nip, young dof , pac, big, dame near what 5 or 6 Chicago rappers and on and on

  5. I'm old school every time I hear of these sinceless killings I think of Marvin Gaye song what's going on some body please tell me what's going on where did we go wrong and how we lost that love for one another may God bless this young man and his family peace and blessings

  6. Always suspect errrbody!Yall so know that the cops and ambulance service work hand in hand.If they want you to die,they’ll cruise to the hospital and if you make it to the hospital,let’s just say,”you didn’t make it”!Plus,errrbody knows the crops and bloods are working in tandem to get businesses and not gang banging as the racist Kyle owned media would have you believe.You fell for crack to fund wars so don’t fall for the banana in the tailpipe AGAIN!btw,JUST GET THAT ONE GUY THAT DID IT…provided that it was cold blood and not sum’in 400 did.Harsh but my opinion!

  7. For all my brothers and sisters, especially those of color, only Islam can liberate you. Stop looking to a white man who was forced to become your “God”. Look to the creator that created everything, and is unlike anything in creation.

    It’s sad what happened. But this is what happens when all our souls are lost. You cannot live a life of disobedience to the creator and then just say RIP after you die and think everything will be ok. It won’t. Everyone will be held to account. You, me, everyone.

    I’m not judging. Only God can judge. I was lost myself many years and me and many other brothers have found our way back through the grace and mercy of the true creator Allah.

    Most of the music industry is satanic. Don’t fall for their wickedness and genocidal teachings. Free yourselfs. Not for me. Not for God. But for the betterment of yourselves and those that rely on you.

    May God guide us all to the straight path. Ameen.

  8. Skip this is heart breaking just so glad that you shut the rumors down before they could take flight so many negative people out here keep doing what you do your great work is always noticed God you always🙏🏾❤🙏🏾 R.I.P Slim 400 that baby was fighting from last yr to this year God got you now 🕯🙏🏾🕯

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