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On the afternoon of January 5, Chiquis spoke openly about the problems of his brothers with Rosie and Juan Rivera, from whom he revealed that they are asking for money for having worked in Jenni Rivera’s companies. In addition, he aired that there was a robbery of $ 80,000 from Jenni Rivera Fashion and the alleged crime was committed by a person very close to his aunt.

Hours later, Rosie Rivera broke the silence and reacted to her niece’s remarks in a video where she revealed her position on the situation.

Rosie Rivera doesn’t like gossip

The businesswoman made it clear that she will not give statements to feed the media, regarding what Chiquis said about her position at the head of Jenni Rivera’s companies.

“My answer is that I will not answer, I do not give time to those things, I will not enter the circus that the media enjoy so much, I have not done it, I will not do it, it is not my style,” he said visibly calm and with a smile.

“When it is something familiar, much less will I answer in public, it is not my style, it is not what I do […] What I want to tell you is that this is something spiritual and that I am not going to stop preaching the word of God, “he said.

Years ago he liked to fight, but now everything is different

“Before the other Rosie loved the fight, that Rosie God transformed her, I’m still a warrior, but my fight is not with family, it is not with you.”

Rosa Rivera’s daughter said that she abstains from speaking because she is not an artist: “I decided that I was not going to get involved in certain things and whatever happens, whatever they say, I will continue here […] I am a preacher, I am not an artist. “

Rosie Rivera is the target of criticism after publishing a photo without makeup

Rosie is used to criticism and bad comments

Chiquis’s aunt said that she ignores the comments, since she has received them since her childhood, so she already knows what to do so that they do not affect her.

“For people to talk about me, uh! Well, since I was a little girl because I was chubby, because I was Mexican, because I was poor, then because God blessed me, because I lost weight, because the lipo, that people talk about me I am imposed” and added “They are going to speak, they are going to believe, they are going to not believe, they are going to make their own novel and I decide not to be part of it,” he said bluntly.

Who is the real enemy of Rosie Rivera?

For several years, the businesswoman has been a preacher of the word of God and made it clear that no member of her family is her enemy.

“When I say the enemy I am talking about the Devil, my lawsuit, my war, my enemy is not flesh and blood, much less family […] The people I love are not my enemies, I decide that in my heart. The enemy is Satan, he wants me to stop preaching, he wants to destroy a family and he wants to make God look negative, “he explained.

This is how Rosie wants her children to remember her

Jenni Rivera’s sister reiterated that she does not like to be involved in lawsuits, much less make them public: “Even if you want to gossip, although many of you come here to want to sting me, to want me to answer, to want to speak ill, I will not to do, it’s not my style. “

“When I die I hope that my daughters, and my son too, can say that their mother handled it with class, that she had faith to move mountains, but that when she faced a war, she handled it with class, I am a warrior.”

“My goal is not to change your thoughts about me, believe what you want to believe, if you want add more […] My purpose is not that you think that I am perfect, I have never done it, my purpose is to continue talking about that God who saved me, “he said.

Jenni Rivera’s eldest daughter affirmed in a ‘live’, which she did on the morning of January 5 on Instagram, that after the family breakup began, Rosie informed them that she was leaving her post, but asked for a large amount of money.

“Rosie said: ‘Ok, I’m going, but I want 165,000 dollars to go'”, something that did not seem to Chiquis: “It made me very bad taste, that’s my personal opinion.”
In addition, he asked Jacqie, Mike, Jenicka, and Johnny to sign a confidentiality agreement. As Chiquis is not part of the will, she has no voice or vote in the negotiations and she is not obliged to remain silent either.

Chiquis also aired the alleged embezzlement that took place in one of his mother’s companies by a person very close to Rosie Rivera. She even said that it was she herself who had to pay for the stolen money. Although he did not give the name, he gave clues for his followers to discover who it was.

“A couple of years ago someone was stealing from Jenni Rivera Fashion, someone very close to Rosie and she knew it, Rosie told my sister Jacqie. As the money was paid, I think it was like $ 80,000 that was stolen, according to already paid for everything […] It’s not right, maybe Rosie isn’t a shoplifter, she didn’t steal, but she wasn’t honest, she didn’t tell my brothers what had happened. “

“Rosie was never happy in this position, she said it for years that she was not happy, that it ruined her life, her marriage, and now I know why it ruined her marriage, you are very smart or do I have to say whose name? was the money being stolen? “

After the incident, the amount that Rosie asked for her departure will not be given to her: “Now he is not going to be given $ 165,000, he is going to be given $ 84,000. It makes me angry, it makes me sad because things had been very different. if we had known this information, “said Chiquis.

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