Source: Safaree embarrass his wife Erica on the internet, Erica Mena is spilling marriage trouble tea

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50 thoughts on “Safaree embarrass his wife Erica on the internet, Erica Mena is spilling marriage trouble tea

  1. Karma. You get what you give. She hasn’t always been wholesome. Now she’s in love and she’s getting her turn on the hurt end. I didn’t make the rules. 🤷‍♀️

  2. Safari like to be seen he likes to be center of attention a grown man I new on love and hip_hop that safari was a attention seeker Erica girl go live your best. Life and what they say is what one won't do the next one will do go do you show him how it's done.

  3. They both knew what the other was before the union. She thought she took someone’s prize, she actually got the gag gift! What he did with you he will also do to you! They both are skanky, poor children!

  4. Omg yall need to realize they are doing all of this for their love and hip story line i promise you they are stirring up all this fake drama and problems to get more views because thats what gets peoples attention not a lovey dovey perfect relationship. They have done this before! They took notes from Princess and Ray J
    Watch them pop up after the season ends with a perfect little happy family photo. They are sitting laughing at us that we are buying into this crap lol I bet you Erica is in on all of this including his trip to JA and I bet safaree is calling and facetiming her everyday. These two are selfish fake and only care about money views and publicity stop being so gullible and believing everything u see on social media

  5. How about this… They All knew what they Signed & I do mean SIGNED (signature) up for on the dotted line. He is narcissistic person as well as she is too. Sad for the child because Children Learn by what they See & Hear. Then people (mainly children) repeat the Behavioral patterns. Vicious cycle of Life.

  6. Safaree did absolutely nothing wrong she filed for divorce and they were separated. How do you break up with someone and get mad that they start sleeping with other people. Everyone who clowns him for this is fucking retarded.

  7. I am truly disappointed. I thought they were going to make it. They seemed so in love. But Safaree is tripping. This girl has had two babies for him and he is acting like this. So immature.

  8. I'm with you on that. I think all of this is just for ratings and yo keep their bags coming in. I don't believe this man is that reckless about his family or at least his babies

  9. They we're going thru problems 💔before they got married👰💍🤵💒 so she knew WTF she was getting herself into😰🥀but love is a lot things ❤👍& one thang it makes 80% of us in love 💏💌is blind to the truth 👀🚫😈 Ima praying 4 inner peace for Erica 😇🙏& for her ass to stop responding to these blogs 📽📰🎤bout her marital affairs her husband got going 😰💔🚶& just force on getting herself mentally & physically together 💪4 her babies🤰👨‍👩‍👧‍👧🤞periodt 💯

  10. The disrespect is real!!! I mean, their entire marriage has been displayed on social media! That's absolutely ridiculous! Come on now. We have to be grown-ups at some point. I really hope they can find their way to at least be cordial for their children.

  11. the relationship went too fast they didn't get to really know each other then they got married then had a baby now they having another one but the thing is Safari don't want to grow up he's not a committed person

  12. She needs to take a page out of Cardi b book! She knew that she was chilling with women husband's for profit! So she understands some of the KARMA comes back to YOU sweetheart and you get a taste of what you put someone else threw! She keeps it moving.

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