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Salma Hayek already has her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, specifically the Mexican star is the 2709 star and her name already shines along with other celebrities from the world of cinema next to the Chinese Theater or the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles.

The actress has been accompanied by many of her loved ones at this event such as her daughter Valentina or her husband, François-Henri Pinault. But, in addition, Salma Hayek has been sheltered by some of her colleagues such as Chloé Zhao, the director of ‘Eternals’, or the actor Adam Sandler, with whom she starred in ‘Big Kids’.

Thus, Zhao said about the actress: “Salma is a person of incredible talent and compassion,” said Zhao. “She is a woman brave enough to walk… in her own way. And never let anyone pigeonhole her. “

Chloé Zhao, Salma Hayek and Adam Sandler on the Hollywood Walk of Fame | Getty

But the most shocking words were those of Salma herself, who gave a speech that left no one indifferent. Salma Hayek began by talking about the racism she has suffered over the years, both inside and outside the film industry.

Thus, she remembered what they told her one day when she went to the movies: “Mexican, don’t you sit in front of me. Go back to your country.” In addition, of the multiple occasions in which they told him to leave Hollywood and return to Mexico to make soap operas.

Salma Hayek receiving her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame | Getty

The moment she was attacked at razor point

In addition, Salma Hayek wanted to remember one of the most terrifying moments she suffered right on the Walk of Fame in the early 90s when some friends of hers went to visit her in Los Angeles.

“We walked down the street, and a man without money was on the ground very destroyed,” she begins by pointing out that this man booed her but she ignored him. Then the man “got offended, got up, took out a knife and began to chase me, trying to stab me.”

“I was asking someone to call the police, no one came,” he says. “In the end, we went to a store because we were so tired and it was so scary. We jumped on the counter, I grabbed a stick and I had to avoid being caught with a stick,” he kept saying.

Until two men, who happened to be from the Hells Angels, came in and helped them finish the fight. “Why am I telling you this story?” Asks the actress. “Because every time I think of Hollywood Boulevard that’s what I remember. And the truth is that that night when I went home I said to myself, ‘What am I doing here? Nobody wants me to be here. They almost killed me today.’

Although, in the end Salma has affirmed that this ceremony has been “very healing” for her to be able to talk about all these memories that made things quite difficult for her on her arrival in the United States.

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