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The Oscar nominee for best actress for “Frida” (2002) and who will premiere next week the film “House of Gucci”, by Ridley Scott, received her star on The Walk of Fame this Friday, and had a ceremony where he received the love, affection and recognition of his friends.

Salma Hayek’s star is located very close to the Chinese Theater, an emblematic cinema on Hollywood Boulevard street, and many Hispanic fans of the actress attended to see the ceremony.

Photograph of actress Salma Hayek’s star on the Walk of Fame today, in Hollywood. EFE / Phillip Kim

Adam Sandler, who accompanied Salma Hayek for this event, he assured that Hayek is “one of the best actresses of our generation” and praised above all the friendship that binds them since they worked together.

In a somewhat strange speech and with a sometimes out-of-tone sense of humor, Sandler apologized for not being as elegant as Hayek as he attended the event with a very informal style. The actor became more serious to close his speech and said that Hayek is “an incredible person and with his feet on the ground.”

For her part, Chloé Zhao compared Hayek to her character in “Eternals” Ajak, who is “a leader, a mother and a healer.”

“Salma is a person of incredible talent, depth and compassion. She is a brave enough woman to open her own path ”, defended the double Oscar winner for“ Nomadland ”(2020).

Finally, the mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, praised the Mexican in Spanish.

“Salma is an angel in the city of Los Angeles. It is a representation of our dreams, our stories and our hope ”, he assured.

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