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Selena Gomez will debut as a producer with her own series in Spanish (Photo: REUTERS / Mario Anzuoni)

Univision announced that it has partnered with Selena Gomez to produce a series that will be broadcast through the streaming platform in 2022.

This Tuesday Univision television announced through a press release that Selena Gomez is its new partner, who will be the executive producer of her first Spanish-language series Mi Vecino, el Cartel, with her own company July Moon Productions.

The company explained that this series is a crime and will be based on a real murder that shocked Texas at the time. It will tell the story of Juan Guerrero Chapa, a lawyer for the Gulf Cartel who also had relations with the United States government.

This series will consist of three parts that will explore how “the assassination revealed the tentacles of the Mexican cartels in the United States” and the way in which all these events caused, little by little, chaos to unfold in the city.

Gomez will bring to the screen a real criminal case that shook Texas and revealed the links of authorities with the US government (Photo: EFE / Guillaume Horcajuelo / File)

“Thanks to unprecedented access to the prosecutor in charge, extensive case files and interviews, the series reveals a family drama involving parents, family squabbles and a thirst for revenge, in addition to details that continue to emerge to this day as the search for justice continues ”, the letter reads.

For her part, the actress and singer also spoke about what this new project means to her in her career and to be able to bring this crime story to the small screen.

“I am a fan of series about real crimes, and the murder case of Juan Guerrero Chapa immediately interested me. Not only did it take place near where I grew up in Texas, it is a story like no other. I’m very excited to partner with Univision and really unveil all the hidden aspects of her double life, ”said Gomez.

The platform is the result of a merger between Univision and Televisa (Photo: Televisa / Univision)

As shared by the Executive Vice President of the platform that will launch Univision, Rodrigo Mazón, since this company is the most important creator of content in Spanish for the United States, their priority is to offer original projects to their audience, but also to seek culturally relevant stories for its consumers, as well as investing in Latina creators.

In the statement, the company also highlighted its efforts to produce quality content in Spanish for an audience that is not only Spanish-speaking, as they intend to distribute their projects internationally with the streaming platform. Such is his recent agreement with Eugenio Derbez, who will also collaborate in the creation of new productions.

On the other hand, it is mentioned that said platform, which will be launched next year, will offer two ways to consume its content; the first is “a unified global streaming service that will include a new premium level with subscription (SVOD)”, and another that will be more extensive and free, but with advertising.

Once the already announced merger between Univision and Televisa is completed, more details about the platform will be shared.

The first of the platform’s producers is Eugenio Derbez, who confirmed that he will have his own channel (Photo: EFE / Javier Rojas)

Last October it was announced that Eugenio Derbez and his production house 3Pas Studios, co-founded with his partner Ben Odell, signed an agreement to produce exclusive content completely in Spanish for the next streaming platform of Televisa and Univision and in an interview with Wake up America, the actor revealed more details about it.

The comedian revealed that he will have his own channel, in which in addition to bringing back his old characters and shows, he will also produce new ones. “They offered me here on the platform to have my own channel, the Derbez Channel, and I’m excited because I’m going to have the chance to show my programs and not only La Familia P. Luche, but also my 1994 sketches, with characters that I don’t even know anymore. agreement that I had made.


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