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After the rumors in which he made sure Sergio mayer would be arrested in the United States for assaulting Javier Ceriani, The former Garibaldi broke the silence about the scandal he starred in this weekend to ensure that he is very calm and happy in life.

The controversy began last Friday during the Composers Expo held in Los Angeles, California, when the journalist Javier Ceriani was physically and verbally attacked by actor Sergio MayerAll this while questioning him about the supposed friendship he had in the past with the drug trafficker Edgar Valdez Villarreal, known as “La Barbie”, as the journalist Anabel Hernández uncovered in her book “Emma and the other ladies of the narco”.

After the altercation that was recorded by various media in which you can see the unfortunate reaction that the singer and his wife, the actress, had Issabela Camil, the driver of Gossip No Like assured that he would report the former Mexican congressman to the US authorities for disturbing order in a foreign country.

However, through the stories of his official Instagram account Sergio Mayer said to be calm despite the accusations.

“It is here in Los Angeles, California at 7:25 in the morning, and I’m leaving for the airport. Easy after yesterday’s event. For those who have asked me if they are going to arrest me or that they detained me, I do not know why they have said all that“He explained in the video of just under a minute that was taken up by the social profile of the Gossip No Like program.

In addition, he assured that he is very happy and asked not to believe the rumors that arise around him.

“Here we go, as always happy with life, the truth assists us and happy to greet you again, so not all the things that are said and that circulate around are believed“He added while getting into a vehicle.

Although Sergio Mayer reiterated that he had no problem with the authorities, Javier Ceriani exposed the answer that the police gave him, where they explained that the Mexican politician could be punished with an arrest.

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