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We are still digesting the news of the commitment of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck and the couple returns to surprise. Both are happy and delighted with this second chance they have given their love and they are clear that theirs is forever. Or not.

Almost two decades ago the singer and the actor suspended their wedding a few days before the celebration and with the prenuptial agreement already signed. A setback for them and for the millions of fans who lived their courtship as if it were their own.

Despite this total and absolute happiness that they are experiencing, both have wanted to leave all matters well defined before saying ‘yes, I do’. Back in September it was rumored that they were getting their finances in order and now one of the clauses imposed to go through the altar has transcended. This is none other than the one that refers to the sexual life of the couple when they are already husband and wife.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have already signed their prenuptial agreement. Contact

The sexual clause of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

The pop diva does not mess around with little girls and according to published information has forced Ben to put in writing that they will have more than four sexual relations a week. It is not a novelty. This was one of the points of the first contract that they already signed when they got engaged for the first time and that makes it clear that Jennifer Lopez is clear about what she wants, when she wants it and with whom she wants it.

Romanticism, affection and sweetness are three of the characteristics that usually surround the couple every time they are seen together. It doesn’t matter if it’s walking the red carpet or taking a quiet walk around your house. exude love and they are enthralled without caring about the looks of others. And it seems that this sexual clause has subtracted something from the beauty of the proposal.

The Bronx singer herself shared on her website how everything had happened. Without being able to remove the smile from her face and showing the impressive ring with which she has been engagedthe interpreter of On the floor published a video in which she revealed with hair and signs how she lived it.

“Saturday night, while I was in my favorite place in the world (taking a bubble bath), my love got down on one knee and asked me the question. He caught me totally off guard and I just looked into his eyes smiling and crying at the same time, trying to understand that after 20 years it was happening again. I was literally speechless and he said, ‘Is that a yes?’ I said yes, of course it’s a yes.”

Something typical of Hollywood and royalty

Getting married with a prenuptial agreement under your arm is a very common thing in Hollywood. Reasons are not lacking if the bulky current accounts that the contracting parties usually have are taken into account. But the eccentricities of celluloid stars also reach law firms who rub their hands together -and will also crack a smile- when they have to draw up a prenuptial agreement.

Not everything has to do with economics, because there are those who dare to raise from the beginning the custody of children in case of divorce -if there is a family involved-, marital obligations such as having an hour a week to enjoy a simple dinner as a couple. There are also those who stipulate an amount for the ex for each year they have been married.

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz protected their respective fortunes before marrying on April 9. gtres

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz signed theirs before their wedding on April 9, by which they have protected their respective fortunes, including those of each of their families.

Royalty is the one who strictly adheres to the signing of a prenuptial agreement, regardless of whether they are the heir to the throne or the sister of the king. Prince Harry was reluctant to sign an agreement before his wedding. “He never considered proposing to Meghan to sign any type of document of this type. He is convinced that her marriage will last and does not think they need to sign any pre-agreement, ”The Daily Mail published two months before the link. She finally had to give in and, in case of divorce, her former actress will receive a tenth of the fortune of Queen Elizabeth’s favorite grandson.

Tom Cruise, a prenuptial agreement for a wedding

If there is an expert in signing prenuptial agreements, it is Tom Cruise. He signed one when he married Nicole Kidman and divorced her when the conditions of the contract began to favor the Australian actress more. They adopted two children who remained in the custody of the protagonist of Top Gun.

Tom Cruise is a specialist in prenuptial agreements. Contact

After her, Penelope Cruz occupied the heart of the actor and then married Katie Holmes. Days before the link, Cruise put a prenuptial agreement on the table. A gesture that, according to some New York media, was a jug of cold water for the young actress who did not understand why her fiancé doubted her love. However, other information indicated that the proposal was made by Katie, advised by her father – a lawyer by profession – of her.

Among other clauses it was stipulated that, In case of divorce, Katie Holmes would receive three million dollars for each year that she remained married to him. Their union lasted almost six years., so you just have to do the math. Her daughter Suri was born from their relationship, for whose total custody the interpreter of Dawson grows up fought. After the signing of the divorce, and until the girl turns 18, Cruise pays 400,000 euros a month in support of her daughter.

Nicole Kidman and the addictions of Keith Urban

Nicole Kidman learned her lesson after being Tom Cruise’s wife. He has never talked about the years of coexistence with the Hollywood star, something that could well have been embodied in the prenuptial agreement they signed back in the day. But the Australian has said on more than one occasion that she prefers to remain faithful to her principles and respect herself and, above all, her children. From her She married very much in love with her and her breakup was a setback for her.

Nicole Kidman imposed a clause by which her husband has to stay sober and away from drugs if, in case of divorce, he wants to be entitled to a part of the actress’s fortune. Contact

After their breakup, she fell in love with musician Keith Urban and a prenuptial agreement was also signed. Safeguarding her economy was something important, but especially looking after the health of the one who was going to become her husband. And it is that the singer dragged addiction problems that had a clause indicated in said agreement. In this it was specified that In the event that Urban relapsed into drugs, he would not be entitled to financial compensation. Otherwise, he would get more than $600,000 per year of marriage.

Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake and the ‘fidelity clause’

If the sexual clause of the ‘Bennifer’ has been striking, that of the marriage formed by Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake is not far behind. The fame of the singer’s don Juan is well known, that is why his partner imposed a peculiar point in the agreement they signed before getting married and that took into account the possibility of a slip by the interpreter of Can’t stop the feeling! Hence the so-called ‘fidelity clause’ whereby Jessica will receive $500,000 if her husband cheats on her with another.

Despite the ‘fidelity clause’, the shadow of disloyalty on the part of the singer has flown over the marriage. gtres

Still, rumors of Justin’s disloyalty to Jessica appeared in 2020 when he was caught in an affectionate attitude with a co-star.. His publicist soon denied it and the artist himself issued a statement stating that he regretted his behavior, the product of a night in which he had a few too many drinks. “I apologize to my amazing wife and family for exposing them to such an embarrassing situation. I am focused on being the best husband and father possible,” he wrote. After these words he told himself that the couple had decided to go to couples therapy.

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