39 thoughts on “Sha' Carri last place, R. Kelly spreading bumps since 2007, Dusty disrespects Mimi Frost

  1. You are so right about pretty people , or people in general just have low self-esteem about themselves and instead of worrying about fixing the inner side, they try to make up for what they lack inside by filling their outside with so much stuff or giving more attention to theIr appearance instead of working on their inner personalities and filling themselves instead . This is why we have so many empty vessels. So they think that if they upgrade their bodies or they do something to make their outer side appearance better enhanced with things, label's or flashy things, then that will make all the stuff bad people do to them stop I e ,cheat ,mistreat them and all this stuff better when it doesn't ,it's probably just the people they're dealing with and the lack of personality or deepness to their character. Looks fade but personality will last a lifetime even by words after you're gone

  2. GossipGirl I love you & your funny commentaries. But Saweetie is not like that. She was NOT talking about Lizzo. She has that McDonald's deal. Her name is even on the bag, called the SAWEETIE DEAL. So that's just a PROMOTION for her, I think just in that area. But when she said "Big Mama like her Big Mac now," I don't know WHY she calling HERSELF "Big Mama," because she's not that big. BUT she's talking about HERSELF. She DIDN'T say: LET Big Mama… She's saying SHE loves HER Big Macs…not LIZZO.

  3. No Micky D's ain't cool looking at the crimes the food is garbage. Not bc I'm in physical bad shape bc of county police moonlighting security at Micky D's . Cost too much go buy some books with that money you spend it Mickey D's children

  4. Why are you comparing Saweetie against Lizzo, there both beautiful black women no matter what the size, love them both and don't care what neither eats. There both talented black women. I love them both and I'm not the one to pick on anyone regarding what they do because there grown. Only people mainly be saying negative stuff about people are the ones that are truly miserable, be hating for no reason, and just trolling talking mess behind a computer screen. I'm all about women empowerment Period and go Sha'carri, Lizzo, Sa Sweetie, Megan, and Cardi B

  5. i love Sha'Carri and she still is the winner because everyone is talking about her way more than the winner so she's still the winner in my eyes. She was in the competition for a reason, she's smart, fast, and intelligent and I'm sure she will make a major comeback and she's confident and nothing is wrong with that. They had the fastest in the competition and Sha'Carri is definitely one of the fastest runners out here and no one can't deny that or take that away from her and they can't take away her success or nothing she has achieved so I'm so proud of Sha'Carri and I'm not giving up on her. She's a star & like she said she's not going anywhere. Team Sha'Carri all the way.

  6. Shacarri has a Jamaican grandparent. Its interesting how American media wants to leave that detail out. Its like Sanya Richards: There was no mention of her being Jamaican born when she was winning golds for USA.

  7. Big up Jamaica!🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲
    Sha’Carri! less talk more yellow yam and green banana.😂😂😂 and leave da ganja alone girl, you wasn’t prepared physically or mentally.
    Elaine gonna smash Flo Jo record!🙏🏿🇬🇧❤️

  8. Ladies stop putting one another down how y'all talking about and what shes eating don't have anything to do with lizzo its always something you can say hi the bloggs are going get together and talk about the way she said hi and going to dragg it for weeks and I'm just going to say to this about this blog so and bye.

  9. With s h a c a r r i, whenever you think of yourself too high or get too big headed, that will always be your downfall. Same with Simone biles. Never get too big headed and never give yourself too-high of a standard that you can't live up to

  10. I feel bad for her. I think she was told to do something and refused so now they're trying to break her. First it was weed. Now this. Aaaaall of a sudden she can't run??? Smh the black community needs to stop being so hard on each other. Go Sha'Carri!! I'm with u sis!!!

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