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Shakira at the Cannes Film Festival. (AP Photo/Daniel Cole, file)

Shakira still hasn’t said a word. In fact none of those involved have done so. Neither Gerard Piqué nor Henry Cavill nor Chris Evans. But at this time the most elementary gesture in social networks is worth more than a love letter or at least that is how millions of people have interpreted it. The alleged break between the Colombian singer and her husband, a Barcelona soccer player, still sails in the seas of the unconfirmed, although there are pieces of the puzzle that already fit perfectly with the narrative that dominates the virtual sphere.

Initially, El Periódico de Cataluña handled the version of the breakup between the two celebrities after the athlete’s infidelity. In the same vein, various media have collected testimonies from Piqué’s neighbors who have seen him in his bachelor apartment. The footballer was captured by Europa Press visiting Shaki’s house where he lives with his two children (He rang the bell, which showed that he does not have keys to the home)to then leave in his car with Shakira without giving statements to the media present.

Without reasons or facts being known yet, theories on social networks have gone far beyond the mere possibility of breaking up: they have already found Shakira’s tall suitors. And it is that in the hours after the scandal of her feasible singleness, the actor Chris Evans started to follow the Colombian singer on Instagram, the trusted social network when it comes to flirting, and she returned the gesture.

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On the other hand, a video from the red carpet of the movie ‘The Man from UNCLE’, in 2015, put the spotlight on Henry Cavill. The actor He was giving an interview to the press when he felt a stir behind him and turned to admire the Colombian star who had just arrived at the event. Seven years away, she has “reciprocated” that interest by following the Englishman on Instagram.

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Many already dream of Captain America and Superman fighting in real life, since their most famous performers have symbolically signed up on the list of potential suitors for the Colombian singer. The fans have not taken long to imagine what a relationship with each of them would be like and, at this point, the debate between which of the two candidates is the best option already has millions of panelists, although there is no evidence of a connection. real.

Henry Cavill is currently in a relationship with Natalie Vicuso, executive of the cinematographic world. The relationship was made known by both in April through Instagram, although Cavill has always been very reserved with everything that concerns his personal life. In fact, Henry did not tag her in the photo that was uploaded to her profile (they appear playing chess), but the followers took on the task of looking for the profile of the producer to certify the romance between the two.

For his part, Evans is not currently in a romantic relationship, or at least that is the public version. At the beginning of the year, some media pointed out that the soldier steve rogers He was dating actress Alba Baptista. Previously, rumors about an affair with Selena Gomez They had been going on for more than a year. It is clear that Chris Evans always tries to keep as low a profile as possible when it comes to conquests, although this time Instagram may be giving him away.

Without the outcome with Gerard Piqué be clear, because there is no confirmation of anything, the truth is that many suitors, in addition to Henry Cavill and Chris Evans, have already begun to draw some kind of plan. And the fans go that they feel comfortable with the speculations.


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