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Shakira and Antonio de la Rúa, when they were together

More than ten years have passed since Shakira and Antonio De la Rúa decided to put an end to their relationship. And despite the fact that each one rebuilt their lives, in the last hours everything rebounded thanks to a surprise tweet from the singer.

On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of her album “Servicio de Lavandería” (Laundry Service), the Colombian began to review each of the songs that made it up, among them, “I notice you, I announce”, one of the most iconic. “I wanted to do a tango because at that time I was dating an Argentine, I was learning the dance and I was immersed in Argentine culture,” she explained in a message originally published in English.

Shakira’s tweet alluding to her relationship with Antonio De la Rúa

Immediately afterwards, he began to receive a cataract of reactions from his followers, some of whom were angry because they took him as a “no-no” to his ex-partner. “Dating”? Sister, you wrote JANUARY DAY “,” But “dating” … even judgment for the goods he did. CONCUBINO … couple, etc. But dating …. hahaha “,” Hahahahaha ´Dating´? Seriously? Do not make the bowl … skinny, 14 years you were with Antonito, and you wrote him DAYS OF JANUARY, that you would not even write a song like that to Piqué “,” No mames, Shaks! ‘Dating’ my leggings. That man changed your life and gave us January Day ”, were some of the responses he received.

The comments Shakira received after her tweet about Antonio De la Rúa The comments Shakira received after her tweet about Antonio De la Rúa The comments Shakira received after her tweet about Antonio De la Rúa The comments Shakira received after her tweet about Antonio From the Rúa

It is that many of the Internet users made reference to the number of years that his courtship lasted with the son of Fernando De la Rúa, to whom he even dedicated some of his most famous songs such as “Underneath your clothes” or “January Day”. Which is why the word “dating” seemed too little for that caliber of relationship. The truth is that Gerard Piqué’s current partner was not alluded to by these comments, most of them written by Argentines, and preferred to continue referring to other songs on that album.

It should be remembered that Shakira and Antonio had their first meeting in 2000, in Buenos Aires, at a dinner where she was presenting ‘Where are the thieves?’. After the Colombian artist and the Argentine lawyer confirmed their relationship to the media, both starred in the news in both countries, especially in ours, where at that time there was a crisis that would later force the father of her then boyfriend to resign. for president.

The relationship between them did not end in the best conditions, since in 2012 they faced legal measures, because Antonio demanded 18% for the work he did as part of Shakira’s team during the years they were together. Weeks after the breakup became known, and after countless rumors, the artist got in a relationship with the Barcelona defender (whom she met singing his “Waka Waka” at the 2010 World Cup), with whom she has two children, Milan and Sasha.

Despite this, when her former father-in-law passed away in July 2019, she showed that neither the years nor the separation ended the good relationship that the Colombian made with the former president. “Fernando dear, you are gone forever, friend. Your children, your wife Inés, your grandchildren, your friends and I, we will remember you with great and deep affection, “Shakira said at that time on her official Twitter account. And she ended her moving message by adding: “I will always be your friend, despite anything, in the afterlife, as in this life. I love you friend”.


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