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Carmen Salinas.

Photo: Saúl Díaz / Reform Agency

Maria Eugenia Salinas, daughter of Carmen Salinas placeholder image, finally managed to enter the intensive care area to visit the actress, where he returned to face a reaction that has given a new hope about possible recovery of the 82-year-old TV star.

Doña Carmelita Salinas entered the hospital on the night of November 11 as a result of a stroke that caused her to naturally enter a coma, and although a few hours ago her godson, the journalist Jorge Nieto, revealed that the damage that the actress suffers are irreversible and possibly she will not wake up, faith and good wishes are kept waiting for a miracle.

Despite the complicated situation that the doctors have manifested, it was precisely the daughter of the actress who during an interview for the program ‘Ventaneando’ shared what one of her most recent visits to the hospital was like.

“I went in to see my mommy, for me she is asleep and I started talking to her close to her ear telling her that all of you, my family and her companions were asking for herHe recalled.

And to everyone’s surprise, she revealed that she witnessed new reactions that make her hope for a possible recovery for the actress.

“She moved her little feet when I talked to her, I don’t know if it’s because of how she is. Anyway, I want to believe that my mother heard me speak.

Maria Eugenia Salinas

María Eugenia also spoke with her famous mother about the mass they offered for her speedy recovery, as well as the wave of affection that they have sent her. In addition, he shared how the actress looks right now.

“For me she was asleep, You do not know how beautiful her complexion, her beautiful hands and I was touching her and caressing her telling her that I missed her a lot and that I really wanted to, “he added.

Finally he had to leave the intensive care room to give way to the doctors to carry out new studies, the results of which will be revealed on Saturday night, November 13; However, for now, specialists agree that you should continue to receive a treatment that helps you respond naturally.

But it has not been the only one who has witnessed a reaction of this type, because Gustavo Briones, nephew and right hand of the actress experienced a slight reaction that makes them keep the faith.

I talked to her, I was telling her all the signs of affection, I told him that Mr. Juan Osorio had come, many friends who have spoken and I felt that he moved his little beard a little“, He explained during an interview with the reporter of the program ‘Hoy’, Sebastián Reséndiz.

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