24 thoughts on “Shekinah talks about how T.I. and Tiny treated her😢

  1. My question is let's say everything she's saying is true let's say he was this way towards her and tiny wasnt defending her why would she keep going around people who clearly dont respect her…..and why would she feel the need to say something now? Her and tiny havent been friends in what 2-3 years and in those years she's never said word about how ti is treating her she's even in lives with ti laughing and joking so if t.i was abusive towards her why say something now and why laugh and joke and keekee with somebody you say has caused you so much pain? she comes off like a oppurtunist and i dont know why people dont see that about her and if t.i was doing all this stuff maybe he did all this because he saw the flaw and fake shit in character early on but truthfully i dont believe her honestly she tried to run they name in the mud with the subrina situation then she's trying again now fabolous said it best………HAPPY HOES AINT HATING…..and she def aint happy

  2. "jealous of the children"
    Very interesting because zonnique has alluded to her mother being the hater she has to watch out… It was about something trivial like a haircut but I felt zonnique was really frustrated with her mom. Plus she seemed to have been raised by her grandparents. Also they hide major because he's autistic?

  3. She losing it, and everything ain't for the internet. You are a grown woman, I swear that girl runs her mouth to muchhhhh. Shekinah your mouth is your problem, I would stay far away from her! I'm not saying Tiny and nem perfect,but Shekinah is always into some ish, and the people she befriends tommy,shamar,Maggie baby that's a sign….. I hope she gets the help and healing she needs,because this ain't it!

  4. You go girl wit yo fine ass one thing about you girl u keep it real Shi you know what's what baby your tears is only just a relief of the pain and sorrow and grief you are a very strong woman baby let your enemies stay in front of you so you can always see them my love.

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