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Gabriel Soto, “El Tesoro de Sinaloa” died on March 16 after being shot in Tijuana (Photo: YouTube screenshot / El Damage)

Gabriel Soto Gastélum, known for his corridas against drug lords and his extreme experiences, died at the age of 55 on March 16 after fighting for his life since the attack he suffered last January in Tijuana.

El Tesoro de Sinaloa, as Soto was known, was shot on January 22 in Tijuana, Baja California, while he was in the El Socio 1 mechanical workshop. It was known that he was a frequent customer, because his Ford truck had faults. During one of his many visits, he was intercepted.

It was around 3:00 p.m. when he got into his vehicle, a person arrived and opened fire on him, fleeing immediately down the nearest road. Of the bullets he received, one hit the singer’s head, directly in his face. Since then, his family reported that his health was very delicate.

The premises were quickly guarded by the Tijuana Municipal Police, as well as by National Guard assets. The 79 Ford truck with which he was always photographed and which was mentioned in several corridos was one of the most important parts of the scene. As reported at the time by the local newspaper Punto Norte, the State Attorney General’s Office had located at least nine 9-millimeter caliber shell casings at the scene.

Friends and relatives of Soto shared a photograph of his funeral, confirming his death (Photo: YouTube screenshot / Paisa Power Musik)

Soto was treated at a neurological hospital in Guadalajara, Jalisco, where he was quickly transferred due to the seriousness of his health. In the same hospital he died after two months of fighting for his life. Through social networks, friends and family began to fire El Tesoro de Sinaloa on March 16, but the news spread until March 21.

With photographs of his youth, of his concerts, as well as memories of his exploits in music, his loved ones have given him a final goodbye.

Gabriel Soto became popular for singing narcocorridos. He gained popularity in the 1990s with various capo-inspired songs. However, one of his most famous songs, and one that became more relevant after the attack he suffered in January, was one in which he recounted the times he had near-death experiences, 118 shots. His verses narrate how he survived three altercations, receiving a great volley of bullets, but none lethal.

“El Tesoro de Sinaloa” was famous in the north of the country, where it would have suffered three other attacks before (Photo: Facebook/Gabriel Soto)

The fame of El Tesoro de Sinaloa was such that Valentín Elizalde also sang that song, also being one of his hits. “I’ve already been saved three times from a certain death, with pure ‘goat horn’ they shot me very close. 118 bullets, not even Diosito takes them away from me, ”says one of his verses.

According to what he recovered in his corrido, two of the three attacks would have been suffered in Tijuana, while another in Ensenada.

Among some of the characters that Gabriel Soto mentioned in his songs is Amado Carrillo Fuentes, better known as The Lord of the Skies, who was the mastermind of Tijuana criminal activity.

Authorities did not reveal whether the ambush suffered by the singer was linked to his narcocorridos, nor was there any criminal cell that claimed responsibility for the attack. Despite the fact that there were supposedly several witnesses to the ambush and they would have revealed details of the attacker, no arrests were reported.


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