36 thoughts on “Slavery Is A Choice Kanye West FULL Interview on TMZ Live

  1. The person who combated Kanye was so annoying. He was so hurt and offended that it was hard to listen to him. I immediately stopped to write this comment cause I really want to skip through his argument

  2. people want to force kanye into the sunken place but dude who stood up and yelled he actually in the sunken place. he already in the system and always will be. not even on no conspiracy shit bro is part of the largest news platform. bro is mainstream ideology…. the system. Kanye is free and while yes manic he is speaking thruths about society.

  3. He has to be the dumbest man in captivity. I guess it was a peoples chose to have their children kidnapped, or snatched from their arms sold to strangers or fed to alligators, rapped, abused etc.. He need to research the slave archives then explain how that was a choice? He knows nothing of the earth story of his peoples that happened before colonists arrived. Its a shame to sell out your ancestors tragedies for fame. And he setting up this generation of his peoples children to believe this garbage.

  4. Kanye needs to stick to dancing and singing about women taking his money. He was used by trump and Candice Owen for his willingness to say stupid shit, like "Slavery was a choice." They sat that she-devil, Candice Owen, next to him to help his bizarre comments seem that there was some logic to them. There is no logic coming from this pill-popping-fool.

  5. I think he just ranting on amphetamines, but you can tell he tryna break down different thought processes. People’s opinions aren’t always concrete.

  6. Kanye West say slavery was a choice what do you mean by that if you let somebody make a slave out of you that's your choice if you don't fight back that's your choice you made a slave but she made a slave out of you it's like being a bully taking your money and you don't do anything about it so kindly wet statement was true he's right and what he said

  7. People need to be careful about who they call genius. Kanye is not a genius; he is a musician; he is a drug-head-nut-cake that is spewing nonsense. "We can make our own reality. We can talk about history, but not too long." He is spewing this shit from a brain that is running on weed and opioids. Kanye says that love conquers all. Love without Power is just sentimental and anemic. Power without love is cruel and careless. To make true change, you need both Love and Power.

  8. Black ppl, escaped slavery, but went right back into the arms of their abusers, who were The Democrats. Republican's defeated the Democrat Slavers and set them free during the Civil War. But Democrats, are good at setting up traps for black ppl. If you ask black ppl today, who won the Civil War….they will tell you that Lincoln was a Democrat.

  9. he's right but he just worded it badly. at the end of the day you control your own life and the fact that blacks were enslaved for 400 years shows that they were accustomed to it. the majority of them didn't want to fight back against the evil and they just accepted life as it is instead of fighting against the system. that is reflected in modern day society as well, we are controlled by these big corporate brand and the media and so the majority of people won't fight against the system. the ones that do (like kanye) are immediately shunned by the media and made to look like a fool.

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