Source: Solange son Julez gets SET UP by a woman who fake her pregnancy by him to destroy Beyonce family

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36 thoughts on “Solange son Julez gets SET UP by a woman who fake her pregnancy by him to destroy Beyonce family

  1. People can’t even make mistakes or do dumb shit without millions of people giving an opinion
    This isn’t helpful At all
    It’s a disaster waiting to happen
    We gotta stop criticizing these young adults publicly famous or not

  2. I normally like your videos but this one was all over the place. Nothing was proved to be “fake” or “true” here. A bunch of random text from teens

  3. First mistake is that creepy mustach he is rocking. Solange comes off as artsy, fashionable, and deep I hope at some point that manifests in this boy. But he's a teen and for now he seems to be caught up in a lifestyle many teens are involved in. I think a lot of parents critisizing Solange would be shocked if they read the messages in their own kid's phones. That said, I think if I was wealthy/famous I would let me kids know that they are not allowed to use my finances/fame as a bargaining chip for sexual escapades. I would be so hot if my son was out there tricking off Only Fans girls with my money AND still in high school. I would take EVERY electronic device and freeze the cash flow. If thats the lifestyle he wants he better be able to be over 18 and have a JOB to pay for it himself.

  4. This is the Lack of mens rights & Influence on child birth. If the man does not want the child, yet the woman does, the man can say nothing. Should he have to pay child support since he did not want the kid? Did she just have the kid for her selfish reasons? Why would she start a media war unless she wanted attention instead of Plan B.

  5. This girl gonna renegotiate what she said because beyonce ain't gonna pay her or this baby dust…she got 2 little siblings that she rarely acknowledge…this is a little girl and boy Discussion who are bored and rich and ain't got shit going on

  6. Man pls that boy ain set her up because if she doesn’t want a baby she has the choice to bring it forth birth or terminate the pregnancy and if she doesn’t it’s not like she doesn’t know that if she has sex that’s a possibility that can happen 🙄this victim minded bullsh is soo common and for the birds. People dumb and raising stupid kids to be stupid adults . It’s a pattern with people now in days ( stupid people)

  7. Julez stays in some scandalous mess to be so young…This goes beyond just simple teenage shenanigans. He is just reckless. He ain't right in the head.

  8. That’s what going to be poppin in the streets. Grown chicks getting impregnated by dudes that can’t even vote. I know a dude ain’t gotta have much these days to smash but got damn

  9. The comments where removed about , the failed plan b, and the birth of someone's son, the thread was interesting, and alot of people weighed in, why remove the post?

  10. DMAU is the name of the birth control pill for men, it lowers the sperm count so that these women can't get pregnant men you need to start using it, because of the woman isn't going to protect herself at least you can!!

  11. Ion even know why yall ar posting this pedophiles lies aint he 17, forcing a minor to have a kid and de-facing them on the internet, theres a reason why alot of outlets didint even post this. Its fakeee and shes weird and intentionlly grimey. It sounds in those messages that he is un aware she gaslighing tf outta him. Mane she can go to jailll

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