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Discovered on: 2021-11-20 10:52:40

Stefania Roitman, actress and model, went to the pregala of the Latin Grammy but it generated a great confusion. A lots of they mistook her for … rsula Corber. They thought: “What is rsula doing here!”. The fact is that her presence impacted since they confused her with the Spanish actress.

The red carpet at the Latin Grammys sow doubts. The reason for the comments was for his great resemblance to rsula Corber, which has made their own fans confuse them and believe that the Catalan actress attended the awards.

And Stefania is an actress and model with a long career, despite her youth. It also has three million followers in Argentina. Born in Buenos Aires, Roitman is a model and actress, and is one of the most followed and loved public personalities in Argentina, with a total of 3.2 million followers on Instagram. In his personal life, She is engaged to singer Ricky Montaner, member of the band Mau y Ricky, and son of singer-songwriter Ricardo Montaner.

In fact, his ‘supposed’ presence was causing great surprise at the event as he had not announced anything about it. But no. It wasn’t her.

Those, his fans I know that they emphasized that, although they were clear that it was her, heto see “something changed”, when appearing dyed blond. And so dozens of comments were generated.

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