1. I just ran across your channel and I must say it was refreshing to hear your cussing because it’s real and shows your honest.
    I respect the no bullshit approach you have…keep it up Don!!!

  2. Just be yourself Don….like you said They should get off your page or channel rather if they don’t like you being yourself I haven’t been keeping up what’s been going on with the case as much as I was because of all of the craziness. I know when I first started watching your channel you were being the real you and I did notice a little bit of a change I really wasn’t sure what was going on. I’m not saying a change at all in the bad way. I guess I would say more professional which is not bad at all but I like the real you and I know that your subscribers like the real you as well thank you for what you do and keeping Summers name out there


  4. candus thinks we are all thick . she wants to leave don she wants a 100k home ,she has seen like really ,lets pretend I am leaving donny and everyone on the net will give me donations yeh right I wasn't born yesterday pmsl. and she don't care if he hears , yeh because he's in on it , how about you fucking stay put you belong together , and ask for donations to your daughters reward fund. omg my blood is at boiling point seriously the only new home I want her to have is a 2 by 2 foot jail cell even that is too bloody good for these people , I bet they didn't even have a present under that tree incase summer came home , because she knows summers not coming home, I cant take anymore of these people

  5. Only been subscribed for a short time. Thank you for all your information. You seem to genuinely care please don't stop Summer needs your voice. Some of the voices she has don't have best intentions. Bravo thank you for saying what we all been thinking. They talk all that mad crap about them than on the phone they say we're on your side.🙄 Mgl called summer a cow cash.

  6. Waiting for some arrests to be made my intuition tells me that the parents did something this summer who goes missing the day before child protective services are scheduled to come for a visit why haven't law enforcement and TBI made a move 😡😡

  7. First time here and I love your content and your channel. Forget those who say clickbait….whose curiosity isn't piqued by suspense? Why shouldn't you pull in viewers and be able to captivate an audience and therefore by doing create more attention and awareness for the case?? Bringing together people who can help find summer and bring this case to a close. Summer deserves justice…. forget the haters… this is my first time seeing your channel that I became aware of through an A.B. video… & I'm subbing now… to hell with those who don't support.

  8. I missed what happened but anyone bugging about some curse words when a 5 years old whose parents swear waay more is gone… I'm gonna buy some merch now!

    Damnit the pink hoodie is out of stock, when will it be back?!

  9. Amen! Isn't this such a circus, Don, Candus & Grandus know exactly what happened to Summer many days before She came up missing…So Sad! Don B. Your Amazing! If it were one of mine, I pray it never does, I would want you to help! Thank You! Like I said awhile back PREACH !!!!!! Sorry Don I'm not going anywhere 🥱

  10. were with you don ive been with you for a while now don ,im from australia and enjoy your posts i sometimes miss a lot of the shows because of the time line …. thank you for speaking the truth. i feel that some of these people who do the walking talking shows are not honest people and are for the monetry gain , i lose what they are saying and talking about at times , dont worry about the the losers you are a better person and sometimes the truth hurts them …. well bad luck to them ….. keep up the good work my friend.

  11. Let me talk to Don !! I would love to! Those people are VERY EVIL and in deep! I don’t watch any of those channels AT ALL!! These people are crisis actors used to help Don and Candus.

  12. LOVED THIS!! We all have gotten to this point!! I wouldn’t have a Damn drink with him! I don’t even watch them! They make me sick!! They sell adrenochrome! ALLEGEDLY This is all a joke and now they will even sell more! This makes me sick! Law enforcement knows all about it!!

  13. This whole summer Wells case has showed me just how sick how many sick people there are in this world. Don't let those creatures even get to you not one little bit because they're always out there 24/7

  14. I’m new to your channel, I’m from New Zealand 🇳🇿. Your absolutely right. I wake up every morning wondering is today the day that little summer is found . It’s really heartbreaking 💔.

  15. Please don’t just go to members I believe in everything you do for LITTLE SUMMER Understandably you have a different way of talking I’m not here to judge I’m hear to hear what’s going on and say Thank You Don B 👍❤️🕵️‍♂️🙏💜🙏

  16. Oh my word!!! I loved your channel before this video…….NOW I LOVE IT EVEN MORE, YOU ARE THE DOGS BOLLOCKS. (I hope you understand that, in England it means you are top notch) Thank you for keeping it real without all the bullsh!t. you & Michelle walks are the only ones that I like. The others seem to think it is all about them. You two always keep it about Summer. Thank you Don B for being so lovely. Best wishes to you & your family for a peaceful, Happy, & healthy new year. Peace out x

  17. I agree 100% people do not know he and Candus are lifelong White Nationalists, Extremists, Waco Branch Davidian SDA etc… why are we not seeing every channel doing video after video searching out the facts of who they are not who they tell us they are. Do the same with everyone around them. This is basically a LAMPLIGHT THEATER PRODUCTION

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