Translated From: Surprise! Shakira spoke of Antonio de la Rúa 10 years after the separation …

Discovered on: 2021-11-15 01:44:07

The singer received a wave of criticism for the way she referred to the son of the former Argentine president.

More than ten years passed from the moment Shakira and Antonio de la Rua decided to put an end to a relationship that began in 2000. Both managed to rebuild their sentimental lives, but without a doubt There is something that cannot be erased: the lyrics of the songs that she wrote and that she dedicated to the son of the former President of the Nation.

In the framework of the twentieth anniversary of Laundry service (Laundry Service), decided to review some of the issues that comprised it. One of them is “I warn you, I announce you”, that he wrote while the best of his romance with the Argentine was passing. The truth is that a phrase he launched aroused controversy among his followers.

I wanted to do a tango because at that time I was dating an Argentine, I was learning the dance and I was immersed in Argentine culture “said the Colombian singer in her Twitter account. But, quickly, his followers made him notice the “ninguneo” that with that phrase he did with his ex-partner by not naming her.

And that was not all: in the sentence she says she was “dating”, but the reality is that the relationship lasted more than a decade. That was why many of his followers, mostly Argentines, highlighted this situation.

“Dating”? Sister you wrote JANUARY DAY “, “But” dating “… even judgment for the goods made you. CONCUBINO … couple, etc. But dating …. hahaha “, “Hahahaha ´Dating´? Seriously? Don’t make the bowl … skinny, you were with Antonito for 14 years, and you wrote him DAYS OF JANUARY, that you wouldn’t even write a song like that to Piqué “, were the replicas he received.

The reality is that she does not have the best memories of Antonito since in 2012 he led legal actions since he demanded 18 percent of his income for the work he did as part of Shakira’s team during the years they were together.

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