Source: Syesha Mecado and her husband gets stopped by 12, only to have Dr. Sally take their newborn away

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43 thoughts on “Syesha Mecado and her husband gets stopped by 12, only to have Dr. Sally take their newborn away

  1. This is sad. I just feel stressed out just from watching the video. I can’t imagine how the mother feel. It not good for them to stressing her out. They doing all this because she didn’t want to make the decision without her husband.

  2. This is just evil…could u imagine this the U.S.😖it's a f*@king mess. I keep telling ppl Florida is the f*@king SOUTH. 🙏 2 This fam. Once this over I hope they move.

  3. We need to pay attention to these people that always want to take away your children from you for no reason know your rights and the law video record them every time. And do your own investigation on them because some of them are apart of pedophile rings and doing God knows what to your children

  4. That mother's wail KILLED me!!!!
    THIS reminded me of a modern day thriller movie of a parents worse nightmare. I pray that their family is whole again and must say that, dad did a GREAT job of keeping his emotions in check under the circumstances.

  5. “When she said .. I’m not crazy ,,, I have it hold it together, I’m strong .”
    Sis, you don’t have to hold it together , it’s ok to not be strong. We support you . This was so heartbreaking!! This is so sad. Sending you love Queen!!! Scream , cry , yelll!!!!!! Do whatever you need to do to get through this.

    Now , the cops after getting the baby worried about it not being a safe place to be. Yeah yeah yeah, so they obvious like, we got the baby they need to get away.. Praying for justice for the kids and Parents.

  6. They fucked up. They gone get theirs for separating this mother from her newborn child. All them white people I'd be worried that they would do something to bring harm to her child. Anyway, I hope nothing negative happens and this shit needs to be resolved asap.

  7. This is really sad and I hope they get their kids back…not to be negative though I caught one thing a welfare check is not just paperwork it's actually physically seeing the child 2 and I don't think they did that part

  8. Remember y'all voted for these people to be able to have this much power over US, our CHILDREN & our lives. When you sign that birth certificate, you are signing your child over as an employee of this Corporation. You DO NOT own the rights to the child that you MADE! We have to do paperwork to become SOVEREIGN (FREE).

  9. I am crying right know ….I am so upset that these race worriors are doing this to are golden children. The Dr. who is doing this have law suits against her for her bs. We hafe to help them fight support them at ll cost please help them sign petitions…Melanites please stand up and help this young melanite family. They have a go fund me page support.

  10. Gabriel Fernandez gets abused and beat for years while a social worker was investigating and his trash ass parents never got their kid taking away and end up killing him but misunderstanding us black people get our child taking away🤬🤬🤬🤬😤

  11. Being brought up as a product for the "movement" affiliates and I have seen in person the lengths that the bigoted "white savior mentalities" toward the black mothers children and fathers in the United States and how the Jim Crow laws have been rewritten by the government and indoctrinated in all 52 states. Firstly, the federal government (AGI) must be presented with a signed petition (100k signatures) and then a formal Rico act investigation on the involved petitioners then federal indictments are handed down (after secret grand jury hearings) then my awakened melanated heirs the fun begins! Doctor Karen, Judge Karen, Officer Karen, State Attorney Karen; have the right to remain silent..ect. then we can work on the abolishing of child welfare system by addressing the disparity of race and systemic racism to keep poc in the system from the cradle to the grave!

  12. This reminds me of times in slavery where the children were torn away from their mothers. When will this stop. My heart aches and honestly I didn't want to watch this , but I felt I had too. Why?!?! Why does this keep happening to us? I can't figure out why we are hated so much for the color of our skin? I just don't understand!!! Argh…🥺

  13. My heart is aching for her. Heavenly Father I ask you in Jesus name to please find justice for this family and that you please return their children home to them. I am thanking you in advance for the quick return of their children. I pray your Holy Spirit covers them all with comfort that only YOU can give. I ask that dispatch you Mighty Angels to protect them and their Children. All of my requests are in full faith that vindication will be given unto them. In Jesus name I pray Amen.

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