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Talina Fernández confessed that she has a new boyfriend, whom she met thanks to going shopping for New Year’s Eve dinner (Photo: @talinafernandezoficial/ Instagram)

Talina Fernández confessed that she decided to give love a new chance this year, because since the beginning of this January she began an affair with an admirer.

After having divorced for the last time seven years ago, Talina Fernández revealed that she has a partner again, a person she met thanks to the fact that on December 31, 2021 she went shopping for dinner that day.

The actress recalled for the Rags in the Sun section of the morning Sale el Sol that while she was in a supermarket, a woman approached her to tell her that one of her relatives was interested in her, so she did not hesitate and invited them out.

“I was going on December 31 with my granddaughter María to buy the ingredients for dinner… and cart after cart, a divine blonde told me ‘I have an uncle who wants to be with you’… (I replied) ‘don’t tell me! what’s his name?’… José Manuel, I don’t say his last name anymore, so I tell him ‘well, I’ll invite you to have a coffee on Monday”, Fernández revealed.

Talina confessed that she went on vacation to Acapulco, Guerrero with her new boyfriend (Photo: Instagram/@talinafernandezoficial)

After having celebrated the end of 2021 and welcoming the new year, the so-called Lady of Good Saying resumed her plans to meet the person in question, who had already generated interest in the way she found out about him.

However, the obstacles that put their first date at risk did not take long to arise, since José Manuel’s niece had an accident that forced her to seek to postpone the meeting, but Talina was determined.

“On Monday she speaks and says: ‘I can’t go, I broke my hand… do you want us to postpone?’

Talina commented that she had no interest in seeing what José Manuel is like physically, so she did not ask for any photos to see him, because she wanted to meet him face to face. Despite this, the appointment had a very good end, because they hit it off and were talking for a long time.

“But it didn’t stop our mouths… well, now it’s the Don José with whom I saw a sunset at the Hotel Flamingos (in Acapulco),” he recalled.

The presenter had already confessed in May 2021 that among her wishes at 76 was to have a partner again (Photo: Instagram/@talinafernandezoficial)

Now the presenter assures that that meeting in the supermarket changed her life and she is very happy with her new partner.

Fernández did not want to give more details of her romantic relationship with José Manuel and did not speak more about her new boyfriend.

It is not the first time that the Lady of good saying surprises with her statements in the program, because a few months ago in the same section she uncovered that the romance she had with Julio Iglesias was not worth it because she was not her best lover.

The producer had also confessed that she was open to falling in love again after having to face a divorce in 2015. After having turned 76, Talina revealed that her plans included finding a new partner to live new experiences.

Fernández assured that what she was looking for was a person to travel with, be happy and enjoy her humor, as she said in an interview with De Primera Mano: “Find myself a boyfriend, to be able to continue traveling and for my children and grandchildren to be happy. I can’t wait for my life, of course! (…) Not even a suitor, what I need is a man, seventy, who has a great sense of humor, serious men are a great bore”.


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