Source: Tammy Rivera EXPOSE Cvs worker for checking her, about opening packages in store before buying

#TammyRivera calls out an employee from CVS, after she says she was profiled. She said the woman closely watched her while she shopped in the store, and then spoke to her disrespectfully as she opened a product she was purchasing. Tammy then took the time to break down the situation and her anger behind it.

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50 thoughts on “Tammy Rivera EXPOSE Cvs worker for checking her, about opening packages in store before buying

  1. I mean many stores whether ur buying it or not doesn't want packaging open ..stores have rules cuz if u don't buy it then now they have a damaged product because the box is open …some celebrities need to brought to reality cuz they get what they want

  2. People in the comments talking about she shouldn't have opened it until purchased….please hush. That is not store policy. A person is allowed to open a package as long as they purchase. If they open it and don't purchase, no biggie. They put it in the back, seal it up and send it off. Everything in the store is insured so no loss to the company and nothing comes out of the employees pocket for them opening the package, nor do you get any type of raise or bonus for protecting a billion dollar corporation for the possible theft of a 2 dollar item. As a customer she has the right to open the package/box and make sure all contents are there and if not she can report it to a supervisor or purchase whatever is not included in the box. I spend to much money in these raggedy stores to be disrespected by any of their staff for any reason. Yall defending these companies that do business in your neighborhoods but won't hire you or invest in your struggle. I wish yall would have several😒

  3. I’m turned off…Tammy tried to get this essential worker fired for foolishness. She is very entitled. Shouldn’t have even gotten to that point. She is drama🙄

  4. Disrespect is real these days at an all time high the meek and humble will inherit the kingdom those who remember where they came from treat ppl with respect regardless of their position or regardless of how they are treated

  5. Well I’m on the fence with this situation. I’m with Tammy because when I go grocery shopping I check certain food items to see if they have been tampered with; ie if the seal has been broken. I’m against Tammy because it’s not a food item. Maybe she just wants to check it for whatever reason. The thing is she purchased the item so she’s not at fault.
    The CVS employee needs to improve her customer service as well as stop racial profiling. She probably thought she’s a red bone black woman.
    Chinese people are good for that sort of behavior unlike other Asians.
    Stop supporting Chinese establishments when they try that shite.
    If it’s CVS make a complaint to management. If the cops are called file a hate crime.

  6. I get being mad about being followed… however Tammy you gotta know that opening packages in a store is a no no. It does not matter if you have all this money to pay for it. The store dont know you. Besides if you opened it and did not want it, hows the store gonna sell it now? I mean get real.

  7. I agree with Tammy…. these days u go into these stores & no one has good customer service… I walk into convenience stores Macy's any kind of store and no one greets you no one say hi how can I help you…..I think its ridiculous… nothing is said… I think it's just a mess how people work in these doors and don't have no kind of customer service skills and think they can talk to you and treat you any old kind of way when you about to spend your money

  8. I like tammy but she knows she's wrong your not supposed to open products until u pay now that worker probably was disrespectful in the way she talked to her alot of times they can be really rude following u around the store

  9. I wouldn't want someone following me and I would have politely asked her could I help her with something but I hate when folks open things in the store. I'm a super Karen about this and I have confronted white and Latino people I witnessed spraying perfume and deodorant and buying it. In the black hair care section I gave caught several Mexicans opening containers sniffing which is gross. It's really bad in California I get why folks lock up make up, fragrance and hair products.

  10. Wrong is wrong and sis u wrong but I do understand all u wanted was respect and not to be judged from the first time u stepped foot n store let u open items before paying I'm sorry sis💕

  11. I’ve worked in a retail pharmacy and people open stuff it just happens to avoid this I wouldn’t have said anything and let her buy it, tape it up if I can if she didn’t ..People do open small stuff like that, I don’t but I damn sure not arguing with nobody at work. Let’s move forward 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  12. Girl I'm so sick of your intiledment you can't open a package with out paying for it, girl get over yourself that's why someone of us can't buy the shit we need because you just put you germs infested hands on the stuff we want to buy.

  13. Tammy's herself just stated the problem " she can do what she wants" know you can't"Yes she was wrong in her delivery, but Tammy's actions was just as wrong!! I can't support this behavior smh

  14. Girl you were dead ass wrong. 🤣 that was so unnecessary. Shouldn't have opened it before paying for it. You was about to pay for it then open it after you pay for it🤷🏿‍♀️silly af

  15. Now tammy 🤬
    Why would you think it’s ok to go into a store and open boxes before purchasing🤷🏿‍♀️
    Ion give no damn if you come in the same store everyday, it not ok
    Girl bye🤬
    These celebrities think it be sweet🤷🏿‍♀️ gtfoh
    At this point, she opened that box to see if it’s the product she wanted, and if it wasn’t what she wanted, it would’ve got put back on shelf😤

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