Source: Tasha K Gets Served | & Things Get Real ( TMZ Tells All)

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21 thoughts on “Tasha K Gets Served | & Things Get Real ( TMZ Tells All)

  1. Tasha too negative abd every single video she say alledgedlys Tasha you either know truth or you don't. She just another Wendy Williams and tryna use cardi coat tail to gain exposure

  2. Don't get it twisted…Tasha K is loving all this free publicity. Her subscription # gained over 50,000 because of that TMZ story! Tasha is laughing all the way to the bank.

  3. R. Kelly, God Will Deliver you. But, stop placing your trust in the situation! Keep your eyes on Jesus! You put it on Jesus! Then, when you see a little progress you take your mind off of Him! Psalms 91 Says because you keep your love for Him. You will be Delivered! He Knows you were frightened,psychologically, too! Those Judges are really the Lord! And, if they don't judge aright. Then, you have their verdict! But, there is now, two! But, the second verdict, Comes From the Lord! So, He Is Merciful! And, He has Understanding that does not run out! But, we look in the water! Keep your eyes on Jesus, Mr. Kelly. You don't have to be a Preacher to do what the Lord Says! Or, believe and do what He, Says! Look at His King David! And, in his own rites, you, too, are a king, Mr. Kelly! And, Pray for your Attorneys, your Judges, your defense team. And, even the baliffs and typist, officers. Not, leaving out, the Prosecuting Attorney! Tell God What you want as an ending! Call Him Up, and, tell Him ,what you , want!

  4. U asking TK y did she let it get here is asinine. U totally missed what TK is doing. YT monetizing is going 2 change the rules on how u guys blog & use commentary. She is making sure u guys r able 2 use ur freedom of speech w/o complete censorship. If Cardi & other entertainers that put their business out 2 the public stop ur voice, it's over 4 most of u (not necessairly u) who have no personality or content. 4 most of the people who hate her, TK is their content. If TK slows down, it's over 4 all of u. She's smarter than u think. Media outlets r sued all of the time. They r still here. Cardi will have 2 put all of her business out there if her lawsuit was 2 b successful. She can't do that without incriminated others. Stop looking @ the surface & think bigger. U guys hear lawsuit & get scared. Stand on ur ish if this is truly what u do. TK does what she does & people can't handle it. She's too bold 4 most. I'm not a wino, nor do I agree with everything TK does, but I get it. She's growing 4 a reason. Take notes.

  5. Tasha K didn't lie about one thing in these three things I'm going to mention, cardi B does Molly's that's drugs cardi B had a cold sore she admitted she tricking men out their money and it's some point sleeping with them prostitution so where did Tasha K lie at came from the horse's mouth and cardi B is a clout chaserl a lot of people bashing Tasha k about this cardi B stuff I'm riding with Tasha K on this. cardi B the plaintiff and going to testify for the defense how dumb can your ass be. And I don't understand how come a lot of blacks follow cardi B she don't your asses.

  6. I'm not going to act like I know the truth but Tasha K just did a live and if she's been served that's hard to believe because she still talking about cardi B. And she said she has not been served yet. And it is 8:16 p.m. April 23rd and I just watched that live video 15 minutes ago.

  7. I don't even think the video being up matters now.. we all saw it πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ cardi b is the dumbest person EVER. In this process, everyone got curious and went to go check out the vids. She is dumb dumb. Like, legit, the dumbest. πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†

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