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Tere and her sister Lorena were among the most admired artists in Mexican cinema for their beauty (Photo: Filmoteca UNAM)

The Velázquez sisters, Tere and Lorena, became an icon of beauty when they came to Mexican cinema during its Golden Age, but a misdiagnosis led to a tragedy that took the life of the youngest of the two, causing great pain. in your family.

Tere Velázquez from a very young age was interested in art, so she did her first studies in dance, to later deal with acting from the theater. The passion and recognition that her sister Lorena began to have in the cinema led her to also venture into the seventh art when she was 15 years old.

His debut was with the film The shadow of the other, which opened the doors for him to continue his career participating in comic films. Fame came at the age of 18, when she was one of the protagonists of Quinceañera.

Tere wanted to follow in the footsteps of her sister, who had already positioned herself as one of the “femme fatale” of cinema (Photo: Facebook/Cine de Oro Mexicano)

Since then he caught the attention of different filmmakers who began to offer him starring roles. In this way, her beauty and talent conquered Europe, where she also established herself as a great actress, mainly in Italy with films such as Delitto d’amore.

Her career was successful and she was romantically involved with some of the most admired men of the time, such as Emilio Azcárraga Milmo, Enrique Rocha, Espartaco Santoni, her first husband and with whom she had her two children, and Carlos Vasallo, her second husband. .

He worked in more than 70 films over three decades, but decided to stop his career in 1990, only to return to television seven years later with The Children of Nobody.

Tere, at the age of 54, went to the doctor one day for a malaise that she wanted to get rid of, not knowing that this would be the beginning of her tragic end. The doctor who treated her checked her out and diagnosed her with hemorrhoids, a common disease in Mexicans that could be removed through surgery.

“El abduction de las Sabinas” was one of the Velázquez films, as they were in it together, working with other renowned actors (Photo: IMDb)

The actress agreed to undergo this treatment, but not before telling her sister what she would do. Teresa called Lorena to tell her about her diagnosis, to which the protagonist of Sin offered to take her to her home, in Mexico City, so that she could be treated there. However, he refused, telling her that the surgery was already scheduled for the next day.

Lorena wanted to accompany her sister at the end of the surgery, so she went to the hospital where she underwent surgery. In the hospital, the actress had to wait five hours for the operation to end, something that only indicated that the procedure had been complicated.

Once the doctor came out of the operating room, they gave Lorena the fatal news: her sister did not have hemorrhoids, in fact she had colon cancer.

Unfortunately, the doctor’s misdiagnosis, coupled with trying to do surgery where the cancer was, caused a metastasis.

Tere fought cancer for just over a year, always accompanied by Lorena and her children (Photo: Filmoteca UNAM)

Tere’s son, Espartaco Jr., did his best to take his mother to where he lived, which was Dallas, Texas, so that she could receive the best cancer treatments. Despite the fact that everything was tried in the United States, the actress was informed that nothing else could be done for the severity of her illness. Therefore, he decided to return to Mexico so that his expenses would be paid by the National Association of Actors (ANDA).

Teresa, after her metastasis, had only one year and two months to live in a hard fight against cancer, always accompanied by Lorena. The actress passed away at the age of 55 on January 7, 1998.


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