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Discovered on: 2021-12-02 14:37:00

Everything would indicate that an alleged new message from Eugenia “China” Suárez to Mauro Icardi would have put an end to the soap opera between the footballer and Wanda Nara, in which the actress appeared as third in contention. In any case, because of everything that has happened lately, it is never known what could happen to this novel that captured the attention not only in Argentina but also in Europe.

As the journalist Juan Etchegoyen revealed in Miter Live, after the interview that China gave Alejandro Fantino, she contacted Icardi to say goodbye. “They tell me that China apparently decided to write a message to Icardi after the note with Fantino. How to put an end to this story”, threw the communicator.

According to Etchegoyen, “that conversation would have been in a calm and friendly tone. All this got out of hand, I would have told him. I would have liked our story to be different and not scandalous.”

“Thank you for the moments lived, all this made me very bad and I prefer to say goodbye,” Eugenia Suárez would have written to the PSG forward. In another verse he would have expressed: “My idea was never to hurt you or anyone. Time will put things in their place.”

In the interview with Fantino, China said that “I never felt that I had to give explanations. Maybe it sounds superb or maybe it sounds rebellious, when I was younger, but I don’t …”.

Along these lines, he said that “the day my children ask me what they want to know, the only ones I am going to give explanations to is them.”

And I add that “not even a boyfriend can ask me to ask for explanations. I won’t bank it. And where did you go out? Who were you with? And who were they? I have no tolerance for those things. But not for doing the Overcome… I don’t feel like it ”.

The actress stated that “there is something that has to do with intimacy and with the privacy that I want to maintain throughout my life. I am not a character, I am me. I wish I could have put together a character. they love and hate me for the same reasons that is because of my personality. ”

The dialogue with the interviewer was China’s first public appearance after the scandal broke out. But at no time did he speak about how the relationship with Icardi had been. Apparently, with the recent messages, he would have put an end to peace and dignity. Will this be the end of Wandagate or will it surprise again with new chapters? Who knows…

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