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It all started in May, and almost half a year later the happy ending has arrived. After almost six months held in South Africa for an ENT infection that prevented her from flying, and for which she had to undergo surgery up to three times, this sunday princess charlène was catching a plane to go home to her husband and children. After a 10-hour night flight, she landed in Nice at dawn and was transferred by helicopter to the heliport of the principality, where Albert II and his twins were waiting for her. Princes Jacques and Gabriella, who welcomed their mother with hugs and kisses.

During this period that Charlène has spent in South Africa, there has been everything. Rumors, and many, about a possible divorce between the marriage, contradictions on the part of Alberto de Monaco, who, aware that his wife was admitted, assured that he would soon return to the principality, and a happy ending for a princess who has had a really bad time these months, and the proof of this is reflected in his physique. Review with Vanitatis the chronology of Charlène’s stay in South Africa.

Charlène, along with Alberto, Jacques and Gabriella. (Palace of Monaco)

Middle of May: Charlène sets out on a trip to South Africa to support a campaign against rhino poaching. An animal conservation trip that the princess boasts on social networks, but not many details are given. The visits of the ex-swimmer to her native country are common, so no one is surprised.

May 21th: Charlène’s absence from the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix forces the princess to make her situation public. A statement confirms that Charlène is still in South Africa and is suffering from a serious infection. “Traveling across the African continent as part of a wildlife conservation mission, SAS Princess Charlène has suffered from an ENT infection that does not allow her to travel. Unfortunately, she will not be able to attend the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix. SAS Princess Charlène wishes the best to the Automobile Club of Monaco, organizer of the event, as well as to the drivers and teams involved in this great automobile competition. ”

5th June: First family photo. Chàrlene publishes a photograph on social networks in which she appears celebrating in an intimate and familiar way the birthday of her niece, Aiva Grace. “Happy fifth birthday, Aiva! With love, Aunt Charlène”, he writes next to the image shared on his Instagram account in which he appears with Alberto and the twins, Jacques and Gabriella, this being the first visit they make to South Africa to be with her.

19th of June: Charlène undergoes a first intervention of which no details are given.

June 25th: Through her foundation, Charlène gives a little more information about her situation, and regrets that she will not be able to be home in July to celebrate her tenth wedding anniversary with Alberto. “This year will be the first year that I will not be with my husband on our anniversary in July, which is difficult and saddens me. However, Alberto and I had no choice but to follow the instructions of the medical team, although it is extremely difficult. He it has been the most incredible support for me. ”

1st of July: Alberto and Charlène celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary separately. She shares some videos on her social networks remembering the big day.

July 6th: Charlène gives an interview to Channel 24 radio: “It has been a difficult time for me. I miss my husband and children so much. What has been extremely difficult for me was when my medical team told me that I couldn’t go home for my 10th wedding anniversary. Alberto is my rock and my strength, and without his love and support I would not have been able to overcome this painful moment ”

July 15: The magazine ‘Bunte’ carries on its paper cover the separation of Alberto and Charlène from Monaco, also providing several of the clues that would lead to this conclusion.

July 16th: Charlène responds to the rumors. She herself explains to Channel 24 the origin of her infection, caused after a dental intervention that was carried out before traveling … The ex-swimmer underwent a sinus lift to place a graft in order to put an implant and this produced a serious infection. However, he did not realize this complication until his ears started to hurt a lot, already in South Africa, and he had to visit a specialist. “My ear pressure doesn’t stabilize, which means I can’t fly above 20,000 feet,” he says.

August 14: Charlène faces her second intervention. “The operation went well. Princess Charlène is resting and our thoughts are with her.” In this way, Prince Albert expresses the current state of his wife after the intervention she undergoes because of a serious ear, nose and throat infection that she contracted last May. The operation lasts four hours and is performed under general anesthesia.

August 19: Prince Albert’s aunt, Christa Mayrhofer-Dukor, gives an interview to the Italian magazine ‘Oggi’ in which she makes public a private conversation she had on the phone with the Monegasque sovereign and in which he assures her that the divorce “is imminent “. “He hinted that their marriage is in a very, very difficult stage. He told me: “With Charlène I am in a phase of withdrawal, not only physical”.

August 28: Charlène receives the second visit from her husband and children. The ex-swimmer meets with her family, who travel from Monaco to spend a few days with her. The princess shares images on her Instagram account showing off them.

September 1st: The princess suffers a faint for which she has to be admitted to a hospital in Durban. The country’s media echoes and Palacio has to come up with a statement two days later, on September 3.

September 2: Knowing that his wife suffered a faint and that she remains hospitalized – although it has not yet been made public – Alberto makes some surprising statements, assuring that “Charlène is ready to return.” That same day, an interview with Nicole Coste, Alberto’s ex and mother of his son Alexander, appears on the cover of ‘Paris Match’, in which he goes against the princess: “Taking into account our respective ties with the prince we should cordially support each other In our situation, diplomacy must prevail. I have experienced things that have alerted and impacted me. […]For example, he changed my son’s room, taking advantage of his father’s absence, and installed him in the employees’ wing. ”

October 8th: After weeks of silence, Charlène is operated on for the third time. The result is a success and ensures that you will no longer have to undergo surgery.

October 26th: The same day that Charlène shares the news that her dog has died, Prince Albert gives an interview to ‘Point de Vue’ telling that the return of the princess to the principality is imminent, and that she will participate on November 19 in the National Holiday.

November 8th: After a 10-hour night flight, the princess lands at dawn in Nice and is transferred by helicopter to the heliport of the principality, where Albert II and his twins, Princes Jacques and Gabriella, await her. A happy ending.

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