Translated From: The curious sexual clause between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Discovered on: 2022-04-26 15:25:07

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Last Friday, April 8, Jennifer Lopez (52 years old) unexpectedly announced that she is engaged to the actor Ben Affleck (49), which caught everyone’s attention, since it has been almost two decades since the couple broke their wedding plans. However, the famous couple of the moment has decided again to give themselves a marriage opportunity.

Jennifer Lopez announced it through her Twitter and Instagram accounts. The Puerto Rican-born singer said she had a “very exciting and special story to share.” In the video that she shared on her account, she narrated how Ben Affleck asked her to marry her while she was naked in her bathtub. In addition, some information about her marriage agreement has recently been leaked, specifically a very peculiar clause with which They have committed to having a minimum of four sexual relations a week. Supposedly, it would be JLo who would have imposed this obligation on her future husband.

It has been the American media that have begun to talk about this curious prenuptial agreement, which has attracted a lot of attention in Spain for not being popular here, in fact, because has no legal place. However, in USAwould be something mvery common among celebrities to have everything very well tied if in the end the marriage goes wrong and they have to separate.

For example, Angelina Jolie’s prenuptial agreement stated that she would get custody of the children, without discussion, if there was infidelity on the part of Pitt. Also famous was the case of Nicole Kidman, who when she married musician Keith Urban agreed to $600,000 for him per year of marriage in case she did not relapse into drugs.

This agreement would be something that JLo would have undoubtedly thought of after the previous failure with Affleck. Consequently, the artist would have included him as a condition that he had at least four sexual relations a week with her. No one has made public that it was really the artist’s idea. However, it did leak that JLo demanded the same thing when they first got engaged in 2002. That’s when the Sunday Mail reported that Jennifer Lopez and her fiancé Ben Affleck would face a $5 million fine if either of them was unfaithful. Also at that time the artist marked the amount of sex in her at least four times a week, as well as that she could have as many children as she wanted.

The reactions to this clause in Spain have been diverse… For example, Susanna Griso in Public Mirror has commented: “What horror, imagine that you establish that you have to kiss each morning, in the shower you have to have sex. Are you kidding me? Does that exist? I find it impressive.”

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