Translated From: The ex-Miss Universe snub to Kate Middleton; she clears it up

Discovered on: 2022-03-24 18:22:38

The attitude of the official authorities while they greeted the couple was analyzed down to the smallest detail in search of any sign of tension or displeasure. Former Miss Universe Lisa Hanna, a member of the opposition and one of the youngest women to be elected to parliament, went viral for her alleged rudeness to Duchess Kate.

Lisa Hanna who came from met a sale to Kate Middleton 😭 (je crois qu’elle était aussi contre leur venu en Jamaïque 🤣🤣)

— ti chabin 972 Rpzt (@thewoorstt) March 22, 2022

In a video circulating on social media, Lisa can be seen looking away with a serious face and apparently ignoring Prince William’s wife as she tries to say something to him without ever losing her smile. The criticism of the Jamaican politician for her attitude has been so strong that now she turned to Twitter to share several photos in which she appears talking as normal with Kate and clarify that they had a very “pleasant” conversation.

There are too many global problems that have been caused by misinterpretation and an inability to understand the truth. And the truth, in this case, is that we had friendly interactions, and there was no negativity between us whatsoever.

— Lisa Hanna (@LisaHannamp) March 24, 2022

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