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Discovered on: 2021-11-18 22:18:27

56-year-old actress Azela Robinson has made a strong statement regarding the health of Carmen Salinas, but without the desire to be harsh or insulting. On the contrary, her words are related to the experience she has with the actress. For this reason she asserted that according to her Carmen Salinas the best thing would be to leave, because if she is not working she is not happy.

These statements were provided exclusively for the program Today from Televisa, And that is why she said: “I think that -for- Carmen it would be best if she left because what she has is very serious, and she is not happy if she is not working, if she does not have communication with the press, the press to which He has loved so much, whom he has pampered so much ”.

It should be noted that the actress’s statements also reached the family of Camen Salinas, who told the program Sale el Sol that they do not take the words of Azela Robinson, who only spoke looking for the happiness of his grandmother.

The actress who shared credits with Jacqueline Bracamontes and William Levy in “Sortilegio” added: “So, if she can’t have that, it’s better that she go to another plane and be happy there … make people laugh there, pamper people there and protect people there like she did here.”

The actress has also tried to explain or measure her statement by explaining that the only thing she wants and hopes is for Carmen Salinas to be happy: “I want you to go away in peace, to go away happy, to go away in peace. To reunite with his loved ones, like his son “, as also reported by People en Español.

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