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Gerard Piqué’s family is giving a lot to talk about those days after the Clásico at the Santiago Bernabéu, in which Barça won 0-4. In an Instagram post, Shakira has shown her unconditional support for her husband, stating that Piqué is the best centre-back in the world. The second protagonist of the family this week has been his eldest son, Milan Piqué, who at just nine years old has become a commentator.

Milan has participated in the program organized by Ibai Llanos to comment on the quarterfinals of the League of Legends tournament, where the Finetwork KOI -Piqué and Ibai’s team- faced the Bisons. The nine-year-old has sat at the same table as Llanos, Barbe, KNekro and Revenant to comment on the competition. At one point, streamers have also asked him for his opinion of his father as a soccer player. Shakira’s eldest son has surprised them with some innocent and funny comments.

The 9-year-old, who is a football lover, arrived halfway through the game, took the helmets and sat in a chair on behalf of his father to comment on the competition. “Well if we lose it’s okay. But are we out if we lose?” he asked. “Yes,” answered Ibai and the rest. “Well, then it does happen”, he clarified quickly while the rest followed him between the laughs.

Milan Piqué is also passionate about FIFA and, as expected, he confessed that with Barça and with Gerard Piqué as the starter. The commentators took advantage of Milan’s presence to ask him what he thought of his father on the pitch. “Be honest, do you think he can improve on something, a little speed?” Ibai asked him. “He’s good. He makes the good passes, he passes it to the player who is always open and… Well, I don’t know what he can improve on,” the youngster opined. “But he’s a bit older now, isn’t he?” Barbe commented. “Yes, but let him still play,” said the boy, laughing.

This is not the only comment that has gone viral on Twitter. Ibai Llanos has also commented on Milan’s reactions through his Twitter account. “The only thing that has made me happy today”, the Basque has written in a tweet in which a video of the moment in which the young man has shown his talent as a commentator and innocence has been included.

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His seven-year-old brother Sasha has also been present at the competition’s discussion table. At one point, the little boy has reproached Milan for calling his father “old”.

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