Translated From: The look of Stefi Roitman on the day of the yes with Ricky Montaner

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The newlyweds, newlyweds

After two years of official courtship, Ricky Montaner and Stefi Roitman celebrated their wedding at a big party. The ceremony was held at the Haras Dok, an imposing construction erected in the middle of the field and located in the Exaltacion de la Cruz district, some 80 kilometers north of the City of Buenos Aires.

With labyrinthine paths through the thick trees, different wings for multiple activities, a chapel, large stables and even a helipad.

Without a doubt, the bride’s look was the most anticipated. And the most secret. Steffi was advised by Ricky Sarkany and stole the gaze of everyone present. Part of their look was discussed by both together, “first, by Facetime from Miami and then in person a month ago,” they told Infobae about the couple.

As this media learned, Stefi had several changes in her feet: she wore 100% rhinestone covered knee boots, a white sheep buccaneer boot, a white Carolin sandal with a 12 cm platform and heel, and a white classified sandal. And for the end some white sneakers embroidered with a heart that contained their initials: S & R.

One of the photos they shared on the networks

As for the dress, it was said that it would use three designs. Shortly after the ceremony, and despite the secrecy surrounding the wedding, photos, from far away, of the bride began to circulate on networks.

Finally, it became known, one of the copies was from the designer Guevara Ocampo. It is a micada dress with a cut at the waist and a plate skirt with a large train, a strapless corset with detachable sleeves.

In addition, the bride wore a “tulle veil with hand-applied rebrode lace trim. At the waist, he chose a also removable belt with a horn and nickel silver piece.


Bars outside, a strict security guard who was in charge of organizing the operation and keeping the curious who approached the place at a distance. Meanwhile, photographers and television cameras waited outside to see if they could enter.

However, each movement before, during and after the celebration was recorded by a team hired by the couple, which they will show on the reality show they are preparing.

For this reason, some of the guests – estimated at 400 – took advantage of their cell phone until the last moment to show their gala looks.

An aerial view of the place where the wedding took place

The singer Emilia Mernes was one of the most active in the previous one. In his social networks he was shown with the Venezuelan-American celebrity Lelé Pons and with the Argentine influencer Lizardo Ponce. As her boyfriend? Duki shared a video on the way to the party in which part of his look was seen, focusing on his dark glasses, to the point that he was baptized “the glasses.”


Ricky Montaner and Stefi Roitman celebrated their wedding: the arrival and look of the guests Stefi and Ricky shared the first photo of their wedding: Ricardo Montaner’s reaction

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