37 thoughts on “The Magicians – One of Its Best Scenes Ever

  1. Oh god I needed a good laugh. Sadly I've I'm on a Magicians hiatus…. as much as I love this show I have trust issues now especially where cats are concerned and little Hester was just too much. It's too soon to go back :'(

  2. This was always one of my favourite scenes. Every so often I come back to rewatch this video over and over. It's a fun scene because the references they are dropping are quite easy to pick up. I love pop culture references in TV shows and movies. It's always like a little nod to them. One of my favourites was in Scream, the opening scene when Drew Barrymore is talking to Ghostface on the phone about movies and she mentions that the first Nightmare on Elm Street was good but the rest sucked. It took me years to realise that was a joke because Wes Craven was essentially the creator of Nightmare on Elm Street, however he only done the first one, he didn't do the rest, and when I got the joke I found it too funny.

  3. Naw.. Eliot singing in the desert was way better than this. It brought light to just how great the show makers are at putting together musical scenes that don't feel cheesy/campy (Riverdale is a good example of bad singing scenes; like, you're trying to be Newsies/Grease, but you're not even making it to a level of Sweeney Todd). Also, Eliot's voice is insane. I hope he takes up a career in singing now that Magicians is officially over.

  4. Im not ashamed to admit that i couldnt follow this without the added subtitles i only knew about half the references lol. Thanks for putting them in there 🙂 this show is actually the best.

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