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She won the Miss Universe scepter 56 years ago, however it seems that eternal youth has taken hold of her.

It is about Apsara Hongsakula, a Thai who was crowned in that contest in 1965 and whose physical appearance impresses many since she is over 70 years old and looks much less.

According to various international celebrity portals, Hongsakula rose to fame when she was crowned Miss Universe at 18, however, after a year of her duties as queen, she passed into oblivion, but about 50 years later her name returned. to resonate for his “eternal youth”.

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Oddity Center, a blog specialized in publishing little-explainable events, was responsible for putting Hongsakula in the spotlight.

After publishing the images of the beautiful ex-queen, a wave of opinions and conjectures were unleashed about the young appearance of the Thai woman. Some say that it is about cosmetic operations and anti-aging treatments, while others say that this is not possible because it looks so natural.

But to calm all those comments, a Hongsakula representative explained everything related to the former Miss Universe and denied that she had undergone an expensive and strange rejuvenating treatment and revealed that the only change that the woman has had in recent years has been the type of hairstyle.

He also explained that his youthful appearance is due to the fact that he has maintained a healthy life that is based on a good diet, daily exercises and the use of a lot of sunscreen.

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