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Charlène de Monaco has been away from her children, Jacques and Gabriella de Monaco for months, after staying in
South Africa claiming medical reasons. When public opinion was upon him, the prince’s wife
Albert II He decided to return to the country where he has resided since his marriage and take up his duties again, leaving endearing family photographs. “In time for the
Monaco National Day‘Read the headlines. However, the absence of the consort has once again become palpable and her children have appeared on the palace balconies with moving posters that have marked the indicated date.

“We miss you” and “we love you”, read the handwritten posters for the two six-year-old twins, who arrived just after Alberto pronounced himself on the condition of his wife.
«There is a fatigue, which is not only physical, and it can only be treated with a period of rest and physical monitoring, “he announced last Wednesday in the Monaco-Matin newspaper, anticipating his absence on the expected date. That is, what began as an infection for which he needed to go into the operating room, has been translated into a psychological problem, which has been referred to as mental fatigue, which he will have to solve with medical help and the support of his family.

In addition to her convalescent state of health, the princess was not expected in the principality because she is not within it. “Soon we will be able to go see her, (…) but for now she needs rest and tranquility,” Alberto continued. With the intention of preserving your privacy,
the family has revealed few details about the location, which in turn has shared a video on Instagram in which the Monaco flag flies with the blue sky in the background.

According to People magazine, Charlène left Monaco on November 15, just 11 days after arriving, bound for
Switzerland. Once in the neighboring country, after meeting several friends,
she herself has applied for admission to a specialized center in Switzerland where she receives treatment.

Alberto has confessed in some historical statements that she has been the one who made the decision, assuming that she needed help, and that all her family members support her. The family has asked for respect regarding their private life and the prince
has influenced that their problems have nothing to do with the relationship between the two. “What overwhelms him are his official duties, life in general and even family life,” he explained, adding that his physical health problems may have been part of the triggers.

It was less than two weeks since she was reunited with her children, but they have already separated again.
«They have suffered with the absence of their mother. It is an important moment in your life: the way they grow up helps them perceive the world. If one parent is away for medical reasons, the other parent needs to be there with them. My priority is my family », Alberto de Monaco confessed about the little ones in the same statement.

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