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The news of Carmen Salinas’ state of health has shocked show business in Mexico. The Mexican actress has been hospitalized in a clinic since November 10, after suffering a brain hemorrhage while at home.

Since her admission to the hospital, the acclaimed artist went into a natural coma from which she has not yet awakened, according to information provided by her doctors and family.

Many celebrities have shown their support for the actress and have joined through social networks to ask for her health.

For their part, other celebrities have also posted photos and anecdotes with her, in order to remember good times and wish her well.

One of the celebrities who has shown their support for the Mexican artist has been Eugenio Derbez. The comedian posted a photo on Twitter on November 12 with the hashtag “#FuerzaCarmelita.”

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Similarly, Derbez has contacted the family of “Carmelita” to offer the necessary help to get him out of the coma and fully recover.

Gustavo Briones, the actress’s nephew, confirmed that Derbez contacted him to offer him any kind of help so that “Carmelita” obtained the best care and could recover.

“Yes there was a communication out there, but I explained how things are and he told me nothing more than ‘I am at your service,'” Briones reported in statements presented on the program “Come joy.”

“Eugenio told me that he was at our orders and that whatever was offered to us we counted on him,” he said.

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#FuerzaCarmelita 🙌🏻🙏🏻

– Eugenio Derbez (@EugenioDerbez) November 12, 2021

Added to this, the nephew of Carmen Salinas clarified the reasons why so far they have declined the proposal of the actor who lives in Hollywood.

“We don’t have to move it. Thank God we have received countless proposals to move it wherever we want, not just from him, but from many people. There is no reason to move it, it is perfectly cared for ”, confessed Briones.

This is not the first time that Derbez has offered help to the families of other artists. On November 8, Octavio Pérez, father of the late actor Octavio Ocaña, known for his participation in the series “Neighbors”, revealed that Eugenio Derbez sent him a moving private audio to express his support for the tragic death of his son from 22 years.

Likewise, after the death of Sammy Pérez due to complications related to covid-19, the comedian’s family confessed that Derbez would also have offered their support throughout the process.

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The help towards his partner from “XH-Derbez” was kept private. However, in the face of constant criticism from people, he spoke out on the matter to make it public.

“Here I am, from day one. From the first day I sent several people from the team to ask questions, to investigate. I have approached your family through third parties to see what is needed. Even with the hospital, but here I am ”, declared Derbez in a video.

“I believe that when you help genuinely and from the heart, what you want is to help, not to brag, not to cackle. So for all those who ask where I am, here I am ”, concluded the comedian.

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