Translated From: the painful sunburns the artist suffered after her vacation

Discovered on: 2022-03-23 15:08:35

Thalía is one of the most active and popular actresses on social networks due to her constant dances and posts that she shares with her millions of followers.

On this occasion, the Mexican singer surprised her fans by publishing a series of images where he is seen with burns caused by prolonged exposure to the sun.

Through her Instagram account, the interpreter of Who cares? shared with her more than 19 million followers a photograph in front of a mirror, in which she looks part of his shoulders and chest completely red due to sunburn.

Similarly, the 50-year-old artist published a short video in which you can see the color difference in her skin when she puts her finger on ita situation that occurs as a result of the irritation suffered by exposure to the sun without any type of protection.

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The responses from his followers to this publication were immediate, since many of them Thalía was advised to apply some home remedies to relieve the pain of burns.

“Ohhh… My God… you have to apply a cream several times soon. And during the day you put a few seconds of tomato and boots and like this, “Pooooooor? Put on a tomato, it serves to calm the burning if you have it” and “Poor little Amore mío needs aloe vera to refresh the skin”, were some of the advice that the singer received.

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Likewise, another group of fans expressed their best wishes to Thalía after she suffered these painful burns over the weekend.

“That’s why you have to apply sunscreen several times and not spend a lot of time in the sun”, “I thought that I burned a lot on the beach after my vacation, but that was nothing compared to you, it hurts just to see you” and ” Do not damage your skinny skin like that ”, were other mentions he received.

Despite having suffered these sunburns, Thalía took this little incident in a good way and tried to show it to her followers with the best possible humor.

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During the past weekend, Thalía showed off her followers her luxurious vacations in Miamiwhere she took a walk in the open sea with her husband Tommy Mottola.

According to the fans of the interpreter of Arrasando, the burns happened during this family outingsince the singer was seen enjoying the sun without any protection.

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