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Discovered on: 2022-01-21 01:07:12

This Thursday, the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) reported that it obtained the arrest warrants against Inés Gómez Mont and Víctor Manuel Álvarez Puga for the crimes of organized crime and operations with resources of illicit origin.

Through a statement, the FGR also detailed that the arrest warrants are directed against five more people and seven companies. Three have already been completed and others are pending completion, including that of Gómez Mont and her husband.

“All these people, physical and moral, probably colluded to simulate operations and provide resources to that criminal organization; lowering tax burdens and hiding operations, thus hindering the tracking of those resources,” argued the prosecution.

#FGRInforma: In 2019, an investigation folder was opened against Víctor “A”, Inés “G”, Edgardo “V”, Rosario “A”, Margarita “C”, Ricardo “P”, Mauricio “R”, for possible involvement in crime organized and operations with resources of illicit origin.1/2

– FGR Mexico (@FGRMexico) January 21, 2022

To achieve illicit transactions, the prosecution assured that those involved presumably entered into various contracts with the Decentralized Administrative Body for Prevention and Social Rehabilitation of Segob.

“Using digital tax receipts online, which concealed false operations and pretended acts of commerce and provision of services that were not carried out; all this with the purpose of laundering money, disguising said crimes of legal profits that were non-existent, ”he added.

He revealed that the main organization was in charge of Víctor Manuel and Inés, who operated with alleged representatives of legal entities. There was also a group made up of five people who carried out banking operations on behalf of legal entities.

In addition, there was another group, made up of public servants, who illegally facilitated the resources of the federal treasury, entering into illegal contracts with the companies operated by Puga and Gómez Mont. “Each of these cells was integrated with the others to carry out, in this way, the crimes that are being pursued,” he said.

“In the case of one of the companies, it received more than 2.5 billion pesos,” he pointed out. and pointed out that in this investigation there were two contracts with the Federal Centers for Social Rehabilitation, for 2 thousand 950 million pesos.

In November 2019, the Specialized Prosecutor for Organized Crime opened an investigation folder against Álvarez Puga and Gómez Mont.

***With information from David Saúl Vela

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