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Mexican actress Ofelia Cano/Photo by Agencia México.

Social networks have a very peculiar way of reminding us of figures whom we had lost track of. This is the case of Ofelia Cano, a leading Mexican actress who had many years of fame in the 1980s and 1990s.

Popular and much loved by her public and colleagues, Ofelia, unable to find work as an actress, was placed as an adviser in an important jewelry store (something that is very good!), but now she has returned to the spotlight because an ex-lover of hers would have scammed her. stripping her of her assets (a property valued at 7 million pesos).

Slender, charismatic and with a lot of personality, Ofelia Gamboa Noriega was born in San Ignacio, Sinaloa, on May 16, 1959 and spent many years of her adolescence in Guadalajara, Jalisco. There she studied literature at the university and met her future husband, José Octavio Cano, who was then an important executive, Administrative Director of Production for Televisa. The couple had three children: Gabriela (who was a youth actress), Mónica and José Octavio.

It was at that time that Ernesto Alonso, the “senor telenovela”, who always had a good eye for finding young talents, met her socially — let us remember that they owe their careers on television to him, among others, Eduardo Yáñez, Sergio Goyri, Erika Buenfil and the ‘Queen’ Victoria Ruffo—and invited her to take classes in what would become Televisa’s CEA, although in 1982 it was not yet called that and the following year Alonso himself included her in the cast of his highly successful telenovela ‘Bodas de hate’, starring Christian Bach, Frank Moro and Miguel Palmer (all three of whom are deceased today). Ofelia had the small but substantial role of Nadia, a confidante of Magdalena (la Bach). The telenovela was an international success and Alonso brought Ofelia in the cast of his next production, ‘La Traición’, starring Helena Rojo, Gozalo Vega and Sergio Jiménez.

In that 1984 telenovela, Ofelia had a more important role, as Gilda, the best friend of Antonia, the protagonist (such a character had originally been planned by Alonso for Fanny Cano, but she had died a few months earlier in a plane crash), and this gave him more visibility.

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Ofelia could well have used the influence of her then-husband to get a leading role in whatever production she wanted, but she never did: she wanted to stand out on her own merit and following the advice of her discoverer, she not only continued her studies in the CEA, she also took private classes in diction, oratory, jazz, body and verbal expression and other techniques that helped her to be a better performer.

The opportunity to be a protagonist came in 1986 when Carla Estrada, who was making her debut as a producer, took her as the title character of ‘Pobre Miss Limantour’, alongside the Venezuelan Víctor Cámara and the ferocious Ursula Prats (who was one of the villains most memorable soap operas), and in supporting roles, the eminent Sylvia Derbez and the still adolescent Thalía (in her telenovela debut), who played Dina, Ofelia’s half-sister, although at the beginning of the story they did not know the bond that united them.

Ofelia separated from her husband after this soap opera and for some time she lived in Guadalajara, dedicating herself to the theater, although she has returned to television on numerous occasions, with appearances in soap operas such as ‘Rubí’ (with Bárbara Mori) and highly successful unit like ‘La rosa de Guadalupe’, in which he always stands out.

When the woman from Sinaloa appeared on “Hoy” with Galilea Montijo to talk about what had happened to her house, which she had sold deceived by an ex-lover and reported that, after selling the property, the businessman asked her for the loan. “To supposedly help me grow a little more, we make a contract and a bank transfer is made from Mexico to the United States. And he cheated on me; he planned everything so well because he asked me to borrow the money for two years, but when I ask him for the return of my money makes me a lot of excuses, and to this day, several years after this contract expires, this man has me blocked, he does not answer the phone (…) The total amount I lent to this gentleman was 7 and a half million pesos”.

Likewise, the actress revealed that she has already taken legal action: “The lawyers are in the process, everything is already very advanced, only I cannot talk about this legal part,” she said.

That Ofelia has not allowed herself to be overcome by the crisis she faces and continues to seek opportunities in the career that she forged is commendable and the producers would do well to take her into account, since she is someone who brings an extra to every production she has been involved in. Incorporated.


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