Translated From: the soccer player’s messages to a model that would confirm his infidelity

Discovered on: 2022-06-03 19:02:43

Shakira and Gerard Piqué are in the middle of the controversy after the newspaper El Periódico de Catalunya revealed that the Spanish soccer player had been unfaithful to the singer.

Rumors about Piqué’s alleged infidelity occurred two years after the couple suffered a strong crisis, which was about to make both decide to separate.

According to several Spanish media, the problems between Shakira and Gerard Piqué would have caused the central defender of FC Barcelona to leave the house and leave his partner with their two children.

Furthermore, this situation would have Shakira will dedicate her most recent single to Piquéthe theme I congratulate you.

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Following the scandal over the alleged infidelity of Gerard Piqué, the Brazilian model Suzy Cortez, better known as Miss BumBumspoke about his relationship with the footballer and lhe controversial messages he received a few years ago.

The model broke her silence and, during an interview with El Diario NY, assured that several FC Barcelona players have spoken with her and confessed that Gerard Piqué sent him several compromising messages in which he asked indiscreet questions about his body.

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“He was the one who sent me the most direct messages. The only Barcelona players who never sent me anything were Messi and Coutinho. They are great husbands and respect their wives a lot. Shakira did not deserve this”, revealed Miss BumBum.

Likewise, Suzy Cortez confessed that she got to know Piqué thanks to her relationship with the former president of FC Barcelona, ​​Sandro Rosell.

“I was a friend of the former Barcelona president, Sandro Rosell. When Piqué found out he asked me for my number, at that moment and he sent me a message. When I returned to Brazil, he sent me directly to my Instagram, which was deleted every day, asking me when I would return to Europe and always asking me how big my butt was and saying that he was jealous of my tributes to Messi, “acknowledged the model.

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Finally, the Brazilian model indicated that He never spoke about Piqué’s inappropriate messages out of respect for Shakira and assured that, after the infidelity of the player, She is willing to tell everything that happened between them.

“I have never said this out of respect for Shakira, but now I am going to tell you everything I know and it happened to me,” he concluded.

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