Translated From: The striking prenuptial contract of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have everything ready to get married, including a curious prenuptial agreement.

©GettyJennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck They are two of the most important figures in the film industry and their names captivate the world’s audiences who closely follow the different alternatives in the lives of these celebrities who romantically reunited after 20 years. Today this couple is one of the most beloved in the Hollywood environment.

Ben Affleck He came on a negative streak with alcoholism problems that kept him away from DC Extended Universe where it gives life to Batman and he was even going to direct and star in a Dark Knight movie. We can also add his divorce from Jennifer Garner and the short but more than intense courtship that he had with the young Ana de Armas as bitter pills.

Jennifer Lopez She has a film career with hits and misses, while in her personal life her partners like P Diddy, Marc Anthony, Drake and baseball player Alex Rodríguez have so far not given her the emotional support she needs or the satisfaction of living a life with someone who is present in all the details. Something that apparently today has with Affleck.

A very special couple!

Now it has come to light prenuptial contract that would have been the idea of ​​the protagonist of Marry Me and that details a series of obligations that both members of the couple must fulfill. Rumors say that the Gone Girl actor has already signed the document that has a striking item: they must have sex at least four times a week while they are married.

There are still no further details about the economic clauses behind this agreement, but social networks have already exploded with the detail that came to light and many joke with the intimate activity ofj lo saying that it is the secret behind the eternal youth that the protagonist of Selena seems to have. Of course, she has spent decades as a Hollywood figure who knew how to establish herself as one of the most desired women.

Y Ben Affleck? The heartthrob is going through a little storm because they accuse him of having used the dating application called Raya to link up with Emma Hernan, star of the reality show Selling Sunset, who swears to have spoken with the actor before he got together again with Jennifer Lopez. From the environment of the interpreter they flatly deny this situation and say that they have not used that application for a long time.

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