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Princess Charlene of Monaco has been away from home for many months. Held in South Africa for a solidarity trip that, necessarily, had to extend until this month of November, Prince Albert’s wife has remained away from her family since last February.

In all this time Charlene has received a visit from her husband and the twins Jacques and Gabriella, but there have been few – and brief – occasions in which the South African has been able to hug her loved ones and share time with them. A situation that, in addition to taking a toll on their mood, is undoubtedly also affecting their children.


Nothing like the emotional message that the little ones sent to their mother on November 19 during the Monaco National Day. In one of the most important moments of the day, when the Grimaldi meet to greet from the balcony of the Palace, Jacques and Gabriella took the opportunity to throw a few words of longing towards the princess. “We miss you, mommy. We love you.”

Some banners that have given a lot to talk about what the twins know about the difficult time that their mother is going through. “They know that she is tired. That she is not quite herself.”Alberto de Monaco assured People magazine a few days ago.

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The sovereign continued trying to clarify the understanding of his children. Away from her usual residence, she assured that “we can go see her one day. Kids miss her, of course, they understand. Children of that age understand. “Alberto de Monaco also wanted to deny rumors of crisis, any disease related to cancer, as well as plastic surgery.

Without a mother in the Principality, Jacques and Gabriella will meet in just seven years in what are being the most institutional months of their short lives, and also the hardest. Mom was not on her way back to school, or during her vacations, nor in all the times that they have been seen accompanying Prince Albert in some act or institutional trip. Mom is also not home to tuck them in every night like she used to do in her role as a super protective mother. A lack that takes its toll on them and distances them, little by little, from the affection of their mother.

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