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Jennifer Lopez he wondered in a famous song, and the ring for when? and it seems that, now yes, she is going to have it. The singer and actress will marry Ben Affleck in the future after being engaged. However, the couple marry with some conditions.

Some media have assured that Jennifer López would have signed a prenuptial contract to the actor before getting married. Among the clauses of this contract, one of a sexual nature stands out: the singer would have required to have four sexual relations every week at least.

Discreet wedding for the press

This is one of the surprising details of what will surely be one of the most anticipated weddings in Hollywood after the couple resumed their relationship a year ago after two decades apart.

The couple will not say when they will marry to avoid being persecuted by the press

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For now, the couple has not revealed when the wedding will be and they don’t seem to be in a hurry to set a specific date. What is known through Hollywood Life is that they both agree that their link must be great even if they don’t invite too many people. Therefore, they will spare no expense to celebrate their wedding.

In addition, it is speculated that the Bennifers decide marry very discreetly and, once the wedding has been celebrated, announce it with great fanfare. With this strategy looking to have a quiet day and away from the indiscretion of the press. This way they would avoid having to do the same as in 2003: they had to postpone the wedding due to media pressure. And then it never happened.

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