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Soraya Arnelas was one of the guests this Friday at the ‘Deluxe‘ and surprised everyone present with information hitherto unknown to most. “It’s the bomb of the night“, assured Jorge Javier Vazquezbefore revealing that the singer “works loads in Russia“.

It’s no secret that artists sometimes participate in private events, but Arnelas even has an agent in Russia with which it fits performances on private parties of russian tycoons. An opportunity presented to her as a result of his participation in the Eurovision Song Contest from moscow, 2009. Since then, he has worked regularly in the Eurasian country.

“The first time I worked for some Russians was in Palma de Mallorca. I am hired by a Russian tycoon who is chartering a plane full of friends and comes to celebrate his birthday. We were several artists. A Spanish band that had to learn the songs in Russian, part of the Circus of the Suna philharmonic who came to touch the happy birthday”, began to explain the former contestant of ‘Triumph operation‘.

Soraya Arnelas in ‘Friday Deluxe’.


The request made to Soraya Arnelas at her first party for a Russian tycoon

It was then that the guest revealed the request made to her in her first job for a Russian businessman: “He asked me to sing songs from the 80s but with the suit I wore in the Eurovision Song Contest. In the Eurovision figure skater outfit.”

Arnelas, without a doubt. caused a sensation at the song festival European, since that was not the only time they made this request. “I have amortized the Eurovision suit, because I have worn it several times“, assured during the interview in the space of Telecinco.

Soraya Arnelas in ‘Friday Deluxe’.


Soraya Arnelas assures that the Russians “pay well”

The artist also explained that, until the arrival of the pandemic, she was working regularly with Russian tycoons. “What I do is that they take me to the nearest airport where they live [en Rusia] and a helicopter picks me up“, he revealed, in addition to ensuring that “they pay well”.

They pay well. What happens is that yes, sometimes it is complicated because they want you to go one day and they will join you with your work. And sometimes communications are a bit difficult, because Russia is not just around the corner, “he also shared in the ‘Deluxe’.”What the Russian asks for is something very specific and exclusive things“, he sentenced.

Soraya Arnelas in ‘Friday Deluxe’.

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