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Jack Nicholson is one of the most famous actors in the world. Known in hundreds of countries, admired by millions and with everything going for him, he learned a truth about his identity only when he was 37 years old and already a Hollywood star.

Jack Nicholson never understood where that passion for acting came from until the truth came true before his eyes. After his alleged parents died, he learned that he was not the son of Ethel May and John Nicholson as he had thought all his life, but of June, whom he believed to be his sister.

This incredible story that does not seem to have affected his personality much, began when June was 17 years old. With a free life, far from the “prohibitions” that adolescents had in a traditional society, she became pregnant but did not know whose it was. To avoid rumors, her parents protected her and cared for the baby as if it were their own child.

At 37, her grandparents and mother had already passed away and she only had one relative left: another of her supposed sisters, Lorraine, who was actually her aunt. It was she who told the renowned actor the truth of her origin, her identity and that passion that, like her mother, felt for acting.

In a note for Rolling Stones magazine in ’84, the “Locos de Ira” actor confessed that he always admired his mother and grandmother for giving him the tools to be a self-sufficient and independent man. Far from having a grudge against them. He admired them for their bravery and fortitude.

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