Translated From: The trigger for the break between Christian Gálvez and Almudena Cid

Discovered on: 2022-01-10 08:20:22

Christian Galvez Y Almudena Cid they were one of the most established couples on television. The presenter and the athlete, who went through the altar more than 11 years ago, met more than fifteen ago on the set of ‘Pasapalabra’, where love arose between them.

But before it was over, the news of their breakup made headlines. The couple put an end to their love story. Likewise, the protagonists of the relationship confirmed it through social networks. Christian Galvez He assured that he is “grateful for everything he has experienced and learned so far.”

After knowing the news, many were those who speculated about what could have led the couple to make this drastic decision. Along these lines, one of the hypotheses that has gained more force has been the one published by ‘La Noticia Digital’. In the aforementioned medium, they assure that the gymnast’s refusal to become a mother would have been the trigger for the rupture.

Despite the fact that in the first years as a couple Christian Galvez He would have agreed to wait due to Almudena’s obligations as an elite athlete, after retiring from the competition the presenter continued with his idea of ​​being a father. Something that the Basque would have refused and that would have caused the separation after eleven years of marriage.

Almudena Cid, with Christian Gálvez

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