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Caroline Sandoval.

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Some days ago, Caroline Sandoval She reported through her networks that she had been hospitalized urgently and, after it was revealed that the diagnosis was severe gastritis, now she reveals what caused it.

through his podcast “Tell me everything”, The driver pointed out that she had been under a lot of pressure lately, both personally and professionally, and that her body ended up feeling it, causing abdominal pain that finally took her to the emergency room of the hospital closest to her home.

“One day, after doing a lot of activities, I suddenly feel bad and ask my sister to take me to the hospital. Already in the emergency room they do a lot of studies and then my gastroenterologist sees me. When the consultation ends, he tells me that the good news was that everything physical was normal, but my emotions had betrayed me. The anxiety took me to the hospital,” said La Venenosa.

Likewise, the Venezuelan assured that she has already learned that she does not have to worry so much about the future, because if she continues to do so, it is very likely that the catastrophic scenarios she imagines will cause new attacks and more health problems.

This happened when they took her to the hospital

In a video entitled: “One proposes and God disposes”, Carolina Sandoval told her followers how the events happened. One of the celebrities who has not hesitated to respond to the message of “La Venenosa” is María Celeste Arrarás, who dedicated these words to her: “Speedy recovery Caro-few of the good ones remain.”

Here the video:

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