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It is being one of the most talked about events of the week. Paris Hilton’s wedding it couldn’t go unnoticed or be a simple event. Its protagonist is one of the most popular it girls and celebrities in the United States and she always does everything in a big way. Your link could not be less.

Paris married businessman Carter Reum this past Thursday at the Bel-Air mansion in Los Angeles that belonged to her grandfather, Barron Hilton.

The celebration has lasted for three days And like almost everything in his media life, this exciting moment has also been organized in front of television cameras, as it is part of the documentary that premiered in the United States on Thursday on the Peacock television channel.

Paris Hilton’s wedding guests and her other wedding dresses

Marita alonso

Paris Hilton is sharing brushstrokes of her spectacular wedding in which she has shown all her followers through social networks her impressive main bridal style: an incredible design of Oscar de la Renta hand embroidered by eight dressmakers, in which up to 1,400 hours of work have been invested and which consists of a high neck and long sleeves, lace details with floral motifs and a large tulle skirt.

But the latest publication made by the celebrity on her Instagram account has allowed everyone to see another moment lived by Paris that has been as exciting as her ‘yes, I do’. This is a video belonging to the documentary that shows in detail the moment of Carter Reum’s proposal to Paris.

In the images, one minute and thirteen seconds long, it looks like the groom, dressed in a suit with a white jacket and trousers, takes her partner, who wears a flowy white dress, to a heavenly setting. Witnessing the sea and an idyllic sunset, Carter stands in front of a wooden structure that houses comfortable cushioned seats, topped with the words “Merry me.”

The video perfectly shows how Carter kneels in the sand in front of his girlfriend. He tells her how she won him over from the first day he saw her. The businessman dedicates a display of compliments to Paris. He tells her that she is loving, smart, funny … and that he has not been able to imagine life without her since he met her. He asks you not to let go of his hand for the rest of their lives, in good times or bad. Then, it shows a black box that contains a ring with a central stone of between 15 and 20 carats of emerald cut, valued, according to the ‘Daily Mail’, in two million dollars: “Do you want to marry me, Paris?”, He asks while she puts her hand to her heart and laughs with emotion. They both seal the scene with a romantic kiss.

About the ring, Paris herself has commented on her personal website: “My love went further in every way. She contacted Jean Dousset, Louis-François Cartier’s great-great-grandson, to design a stunning ring that appears to be lit from within. ”

“I grew up reading fairy tales and dreaming of my ‘happily ever after’. Now that I’ve finally found mine, I can’t wait to share it with you for the rest of our lives. You are the first man to whom I have opened my heart and I have shown him who the “Real” Paris is. I am so excited to share our most beautiful love story. 11/11 will always be the most important day in my heart “, writes Paris Hilton next to these romantic images that she has now made public.

Thus began the celebrity this unforgettable episode of his life in which he gave the “yes, I want” to this businessman whose father, Robert Reum, was president and CEO of Amsted Industries, classified as one of the largest private companies in the United States. United by ‘Forbes’ magazine. Carter Reum is considered one of the great Hollywood billionaires although, as indicated by the US media, his fortune could be estimated between 35 or 40 million of dollars, compared to the 300 million that his partner has.

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