Source: THERE’LL BE HELL TO PAY! William And Kate BOOT Eugenie OUT OF Royal For Her Shock Move

THERE’LL BE HELL TO PAY! William And Kate BOOT Eugenie OUT OF Royal For Her Shock Move
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As photos of the Sussexes with Harry’s cousin Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank in Santa Barbara emerged in US paper TMZ, the question arises whether the couple, may “sue for privacy”. If they decided to take legal action, the case would join a list of other lawsuits launched against the press by Sussexes.
Mark Stephens, a media law specialist at Howard Kennedy, said: “They can sue. There was a case where Paul Weller sued. He was sitting outside a restaurant in Santa Monica with his children and he sued for privacy in the UK.”

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40 thoughts on “THERE’LL BE HELL TO PAY! William And Kate BOOT Eugenie OUT OF Royal For Her Shock Move

  1. Lets face it they have to rely on on taking news papers to court for privacy as the pair of them have no other talents to earn a living by . Harry lacks the criteria to become a yacht boy besides whats the saying "This boat aint big enough for the both of us ."

  2. Eugenie did not toe the party line of the firm. Royals are subject to the laws and rules just like us common people. Eugenie knows that now, doesn't she?

  3. Lol. William and Catherine are very important and busy people. They have so many functions and events to go to, everyday duties, trips overseas and have their own family to take care of… they do not ha e the time to even think less of all scheme against anybody.

  4. Eugenie had never had a close relationship with the Duchess of Cambridge and that started from when Prince William was dating Catherine . Eugenie called Catherine a commoner and was furious that she’ll never bow before her and was told by HMTQ that she had to follow the royal protocols . Eugenie has had never been that close to Catherine Elizabeth of Cambridge therefore I believe this information is erroneous.

  5. Eugenie is a silly girl , her parents has burnt enough bridges , so she will be on the outer with them. She made the choice. Thos photos in the restaurant were a set up , they wont sue . Which will prove they were

  6. Oooh for God's sake!! Haven't you people got a life!!! ..talking about fake rubbish!!! 😤😤🙄🙄 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♂️🤦‍♂️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♂️

  7. Eugenie’s loyalty doesn’t lie with the RF or the Queen. Her loyalty is and always been with Harry and Meghan. She’s the York’s SNITCH!!!!! Eugenie has always been a SPY for Harry and Both were always been against the Queen and the RF.
    Eugenie has always been Harry’s confidant with what’s going on in the RF and the palace about the Queen. That’s why they’re up to date of what’s going on. I believe frogmore cottage the Queen should take it back from Harry

  8. In a it's good that nutmeg wanted the photo of dinner to get media attention. Otherwise maybe the rest of the royal family would never come to know what Euginie and her husband doing at their back

  9. Eugine can't be and shouldn't be trusted. Over and over again she crossed the line deliberately. When Harry came to London for unveiling Diana's statue and prince Phillip's funeral, he threw lunch for his old friends. From Royal family only Eugine and her husband was in attendence.

    We also shouldn't forget the steps queen took against her mother Fergie and Fergie was not at all liked by prince Philip and in recent past the measures queen has taken for her father prince Andrew. Both sisters shouldn't be welcomed in Royal fold. They have every reason to be vindictive and Eugine especially caused Kate troubles when she first joined the royal family

  10. Eugenie should mind her own family rather than stick into the Evil Meghan Markle and Harry. Eugenie should not forget on her wedding day, Meghan Markle was announced she was pregnant 🤰. Eugenie, your mother was very upsetting to the news.
    May be you are together owe each other. What's shame??!!!!!

  11. Oh for Christs sake! Sources say this, and that … then to mention #6 and his first wife suing over pics at dinner with Eugenie’s and her husband … LOOK … if they WANTED privacy, and did NOT want photos taken of them, EVERY restaurant has out of the way tables where they would not have been on display for ANYONE outside the window to see.
    I am SO tired of seeing and hearing about these two. Can’t they just move to some deserted island where they don’t have to worry about privacy ?

  12. Y’know that song “Rumors” by Timex Social Club?
    This channel still at it eh?! Running out of Royal fam members to bash so might as well continue with Harry/Wills Cousin?
    How much per month you make now from YouTube with this channel btw?

  13. It's quite different to take pictures of one's children. I see no problem with taking pictures of celebrity adults in a public place. Even Jackie Kennedy had to allow a paparazzi to take her picture in public although a judge ordered him to stay at least ten feet from her. Also, how can one sue in a different country if the picture is legal in the country where it was taken? In any case it appeared to me to be a set up and likely maneuvered by Meghan.


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