Translated From: They accuse Rosie Rivera of hating Jenni since before she died

Discovered on: 2022-01-14 02:48:10

The scandals in the Rivera family continue and it is that a sister of Doña Rosa, mother of Jenni Rivera, went viral on social networks for a video in which she unmasked her niece Rosie.

In the clip circulating on Tik Tok, the woman is heard saying that Rosie felt jealous and envious of her sister Jenni. She said that she is hypocritical and manipulative in a series of videos where she talks about the entire Rivera family.

The controversial aunt of the Rivera, assured that Rosie “poisoned” Jenni Rivera against her, Chiquis and “anyone who gets in the way.”

“I knew that if he went against Jenni, he would no longer have money or the cars they brought, it was worth everything for the fame, the money, it was worth being with his baby, is that being a person of God? Do you care more about fame than God? ”He questioned in a video.

Chiquis Rivera accuses Rosie of robbery

As you know, a couple of days ago Chiquis Rivera broke the silence and attacked her aunt Rosie, whom she accused of having knowledge that robberies were being committed within her mother’s company and that her aunt was managing it.

According to the also singer, when reviewing the audit agreement, she realized that a person very close to Rosie stole the Jenni Rivera Fashion company, assuring that her aunt was aware of it.

“I just found out that a couple of years ago someone was stealing from Jenni Rivera Fashion, someone very close to Rosie, and Rosie knew it. He told my sister Jacqie back then. As the money was paid Rosie. I don’t know how long, I still have to go see (…) how much it was, it was like 80 thousand dollars that were stolen, because that’s it, they stole it from Jenni Rivera Fashion “.


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